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Day 4 – Q 5. Scientists consider the oceans to be Earth’s last true frontier and a great resource base for the future. Why? In this light, examine the significance of blue water economy.

5. Scientists consider the oceans to be Earth’s last true frontier and a great resource base for the future. Why? In this light, examine the significance of blue water economy.

5.वैज्ञानिकों ने महासागरों को पृथ्वी के अंतिम सच्चे सीमा और भविष्य के लिए एक महान संसाधन आधार माना है। क्यूं? इस प्रकाश में, ब्लू वाटर अर्थव्यवस्था के महत्व की जांच करें।


Despite the fact that the ocean plays a role in everything from the air we breathe to daily weather and climate patterns, we know very little about our ocean. And, most of our knowledge of the ocean lies in shallower waters. Deeper waters remain a mystery even though we are relying more and more on these areas for food, energy, and other resources. Enter ocean exploration.

Blue water Economy is linked to potential use of natural available resources to boost the economy. It includes oil exploration, maritime trades, deep sea fishing and maritime tourism such as “ro ro ferry services “.

Ocean’s as a great resource base for the future:

  • Findings made through ocean exploration are fundamental to reducing unknowns in deep-ocean areas and providing high-value environmental intelligence needed to address both current and emerging science and management needs.
  • Exploration helps to ensure that ocean resources are not just managed, but managed well, so those resources are around for future generations to enjoy.
  • Through ocean exploration, we can establish the baseline information needed to better understand environmental change, filling gaps in the unknown to deliver reliable and authoritative science that is foundational to providing foresight about future conditions and informing the decisions we confront every day on this dynamic planet.
  • This same knowledge is often the only source for basic information needed to respond appropriately in the face of deep-sea disasters.
  • Information from ocean exploration is important to everyone. Unlocking the mysteries of deep-sea ecosystems can reveal new sources for medical drugs, food, energy resources, and other products.
  • Information from deep-ocean exploration can help predict earthquakes and tsunamis and help us understand how we are affecting and being affected by changes in Earth’s environment.

Significance of blue water economy, in case of India:

  • India has been part of various ad hoc committees of UN based on law of seas especially related to Indian Ocean to keep its strategic and political interest at the bay .With discovery of various mineral resources such as manganese and cobalt crust on ocean floor bed the potential of maritime mining has led to countries such as India, China and Japan.
  • With growing relation between Asia and Africa the Indian Ocean is key to India’s strategic dominance. And also Asia-Pacific growing trade links, it is necessary to maintain security in these regions.
  • With initiative Such as Ro- Ro ferry services between Ghogha in Saurashtra, and Dahej in South Gujarat will unlock the India’s true economic potential in environmental friendly and will reduce the vehicle movement in lands and hence will add to economic interest too.
  • India has large coastline and with new technologies in deep fishing the fisheries will provide a large number of employment and will also help in boosting exports and reduce trade deficit problem.

India can profitably integrate its on-going programmes like Make in India, smart cities, skill development and self-reliance in defence and operationalize the blue economy. And the international rules and norms for ‘Blue Economy’ or ‘Blue-Water Economy’ are still evolving and are being actively considered in various multilateral forums at regional and global levels. Through proactive diplomatic engagement in these forums countries aim to protect and enhance their economic and strategic interests in the maritime arena.

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