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Day 6 – Q 1. Are demands of statehood for Delhi justified? Examine the pros and cons if Delhi becomes a separate state.

1. Are demands of statehood for Delhi justified? Examine the pros and cons if Delhi becomes a separate state. (Indian Polity)

1. क्या दिल्ली को अलग राज्य बनाने की मांग उचित है? अगर दिल्ली एक अलग राज्य बन जाती है तो उससे होने वाले फायदों तथा नुकसान की पड़ताल करें।


Since Delhi has been granted the status of a state, the demand for extending the current status to ‘full statehood’ has been voiced repeatedly by the Congress, BJP, and now the Aam Aadmi Party. The 69th constitutional amendment act of 1991 provided a special status of UT of Delhi and created a legislative assembly and council of minister. The recent conflict between centre and Delhi govt bring into fore the old demand of full statehood to Delhi which is complicated.

While other states enjoy full authority in all matters of government and administration, the Delhi government has no jurisdiction on:

  • Police
  • Public law and order
  • Land

Other than these crucial functions, there are several other civil arms of government that are under the central control and the Delhi government has little say in crucial matters pertaining to them. Therefore, it is a fair claim that Delhi government does not enjoy the same powers as those of other states and therefore the demand for ‘full statehood’ seems to be a credible one.

But the status of ‘full statehood has its implications, pros and cons, which need to be well thought over by all stakeholders before deciding whether ‘full statehood’ is the best option for Delhi. Let’s take a fair view of the debate that has been raging between the centre and those calling for ‘full statehood’.

Pros of full statehood:

  • It will create a more responsible administration in Delhi.
  • It will end the power conflict between central and Delhi govt and municipal bodies ensuring efficient administration.
  • The Council of Ministers will have 15% minister instead of 10% this will make governance more smooth.
  • It is in the line of democratic principle and cooperative federalism.
  • Delhi has a population of 20 million any power conflict strongly impacts their interest.
  • It will help the elected govt to fulfil its political agenda for which it is voted to power.

Cons of full statehood:

  • In countries like US, Australia, Mexico, etc. the seat of central govt is not under the jurisdiction of any state.
  • It may politicize the police which is not good for the security of Delhi where the police is required to protect the leader of various parties, diplomats, etc.
  • Delhi has always been the centre of national politics, full statehood may lead to strong local demands.
  • It may create the problem of two governments in the same city.
  • National capital must reflect what a country can offer therefore land use, planning, various regulations must be managed in accordance with national standards.


The current system is working fine we should strengthen it by demarcating power between the Centre and State thus making the administration more accountable and transparent.

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