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Day 34 – Q 2.Examine the significance of small ports and airports in India.

2. Examine the significance of small ports and airports in India.

भारत में छोटे बंदरगाहों और हवाई अड्डों के महत्व को उजागर करें।


To reduce pressure on bigger ports and airports, promote regional balance and utilize hidden potential of interior regions of country, government is coming with various small ports and airports.  


Significance of small ports:

  • Reduce pressure on Bigger ports: Nhava Sheva on Mumbai, Ennore on Chennai etc.

  • Region specific: Having vast maritime boundaries, smaller ports on either sides can cater to specific regions.
  • Product specific: Certain ports are opened to cater to certain trade like Paradip to export Iron ore, Petroleum products at Jamnagar etc.
  • Tourism: Cruise tourism can be promoted.
  • Transit facility: Certain ports can act as transit or hanger for ships.
  • Port of Call: With expanding maritime trade via Indian ocean, small ports can act as fuel suppliers or emergency service providers etc.

Significance of Small Airports:

  • Reduce pressure on Bigger airports: Like Mysuru airport on Bangalore airport, Chandigarh airport on Delhi airport etc.
  • Regional connectivity: Enhance regional connectivity.
  • Tourism: It will enhance tourism potential.
  • Trade: It can help in infrastructure enhancement which can lead to setting up of factories in periphery. Especially Perishable products and Confectionaries.
  • Regional Growth: Helps to correct regional imbalance and new opportunity especially footloose Industries away from crowded State capitals.


  • Finance.
  • Usability.
  • Maintenance and Efficiency.
  • Pollution.
  • Environmental clearance: Especially in Hilly areas and Forest areas.
  • Land acquisition.
  • Privatization.

Note: 1-2 lines explanation is needed for all points.


Government has come up with programs like UDAN, Sagarmala, Diamond Quadrilateral, Inland water ways to connect various modes of transportation with each other. Certain projects will need more time to achieve the break-even point. For now, it is very early to comment on its success.   

Best Answer: Gog.

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