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Day 34 – Q 4.Is it a wise move to introduce bullet trains and hyper-loop transportation in India? Critically examine.

4. Is it a wise move to introduce bullet trains and hyper-loop transportation in India? Critically examine.

क्या भारत में बुलेट ट्रेनों और हाइपर-लूप परिवहन की योजना यह एक बुद्धिमान कदम है? समालोचनात्मक जांच करें।


Bullet train project between Mumbai-Hyderabad is underway with Japan’s technical and loan assistance. Andhra Pradesh is planning Hyperloop between Vijayawada and Amaravati.


Transportation sector is backbone of economic system. Modernising transportation sector will result into overall economic development through efficiency gains. In this background, introducing bullet trains and Hyperloop transportation is considered wise given the benefits like,

  • Indian railways with average speed of 50km/hr look medieval and hamper our economy. Bullet trains with high speed connectivity ensure more productivity – time is money.
  • Multiplier effect on economy with
    a) Urban expansion.
  1. b) Development of industrial hubs along the corridor.
  2. c) Employment generation.
  3. d) Technology transfer and its spill over effects on transportation sector.
  • Alternative travel mode for passengers with gains in terms of reduced accidents, pollution and fuel usage.
  • At a time when private investment is low, bullet train project with Japan provides viable way of using low cost surplus capital to build modern infrastructure in India.

Apart from implantation issues, these projects are criticised for following reasons

  • Bullet train project is not financially viable and is wastage of taxpayer’s money.

Ex: HSR systems suboptimal performance in Taiwan, France, South Korea.

  • Today about 90% of passengers travel in sleeper or lower class. There is a need to ensure better safety and service to this population. With railways facing issues of poor infrastructure, derailments there is need to upgrade existing infrastructure rather than going for HSR system.
  • Jobs created and technology transfer is miniscule compared to the level of investment.
  • Isolated projects will not lead to efficiency. Integrated development of transportation sector- road, rail, air is needed.


Keeping in mind about the India of future, building modern transportation sector with bullet train, Hyperloop would be rational investment for the government. At the same time, integrated development of transportation should be given equal thrust, which government is trying to achieve through Sagarmala, Bharatamala program.

Best Answer: gargantuan

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