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Day 37 – Q 2.Why did Indian youth resort to revolutionary terrorism during freedom struggle? Critically analyse.

2. Why did Indian youth resort to revolutionary terrorism during freedom struggle? Critically analyse.

स्वतंत्रता संग्राम के दौरान भारतीय युवाओं ने क्रांतिकारी आतंकवाद का सहारा क्यों लिया? समालोचनात्मक  विश्लेषण करें।


Not contented with the political mendicancy of the ‘moderates’ and the inefficient decision making of the ‘extremist’, the advent of individual and revolutionary terrorism was getting prominence in the freedom struggle.

Revolutionary groups and organizations had adopted the methods like propagation of ideas, assassination of unpopular officials, military conspiracies for their achievement i.e. complete independence and overthrown of British government by means of force.

Indian youth resort to revolutionary terrorism during the independence struggle in three phases: like post Bengal patrician, between NCM and CDM, and last phase post Quit India Movement and they have restored through following means and reasons:

  • Youth who were getting frustrated with the moderate techniques and methods got the other means to achieve their end. e.g: Tilak, Surya sen
  • It helped in growing hatredness among the Indians for foreign rule.
  • Their journals, newspaper, books had become constant ideological inspiration for the independence movement. e.g: Yugantar, Kesari, Bharat mata etc.
  • Their death defying heroism created a fear among the British establishment in India e.g. various killing of unpopular officers, conspiracies, bomb thrown by Bhagat singh
  • As many organisations were working upon the ideologies of unity and secularism, hence become a continuous motivation for unity among the Indian masses.
  • They established worldwide contacts in quest of arms and shelter leading to coming of ideologies like socialism, communism etc. Ghadhar party, Berlin committee spearheaded this momentum.
  • Influence from outside India like Russian revolutionist (nihilism) and Irish nationalists.

However, they gradually faded out and failed to achieve their main goal because:

  • They could not reach to the peasant and workers as it was an urban phenomenon.
  • Lack of leadership qualities and communication left many times with failed attempts.
  • British govt. came up with various Acts to repress growing militarism.
  • Adherence to religion had kept Muslims away.

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