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Day 40 – Q 1.How does work culture affect the performance of an organisation? Examine.

1. How does work culture affect the performance of an organisation? Examine. 

कार्य संस्कृति एक संगठन के प्रदर्शन को कैसे प्रभावित करता है? जांच करें।


  • Introduction
  • Work culture and performance of an organization.
  • Creating good work culture
  • Conclusion


Components of work culture are its vision, values, practices, people and place. Organization is made of people and institution. Work culture reflects the quality of both. Worldwide successful governments and organizations are those which have good work culture apart from other factors.

Work culture affects the performance in following ways:

  • Good work culture imbibes the habit of punctuality and empathy which helps the officials/organization’s members to serve their objective/duty in better way.
    Eg- The lackadaisical attitude of officials working in few government institutions hinders overall growth and image in eyes of public.
  • Healthy work culture promotes competition and spirit of team in the organization which helps individuals to grow, which in turn will help the organization in the long run. It helps people work without fear.
  • Work culture which respects diversity attracts better talent.
  • Suppose work culture is bad showing partiality, favoritism, nepotism etc. as it was in earlier days for tender allocations at times, partiality in writing of ACRs sometimes- demotivates talented and hard-working people.
  • Work culture where team works in cooperation helps people learn from each other’s errors and success. Thereby bringing the best out of the team. Horizontal and vertical communication should be welcomed.

Creating good work culture:

  • Good leadership team.
  • Keeping organization’s objective above oneself.
  • The foundation of an organization should be based on basic values like empathy, honesty and integrity.
  • Spirt of cooperation as well as competition should be encouraged.


Good work culture can shape the outcomes and the perception in the eyes of public and it attracts best available talent which in turn serves the organization better.

Best answer: John Nash

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