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Day 40 – Q 3.How can technology aid in efficient utilisation of public funds? Discuss.

3. How can technology aid in efficient utilisation of public funds? Discuss. 

सार्वजनिक धन के कुशल उपयोग में प्रौद्योगिकी सहायता कैसे कर सकती है? चर्चा करें।


In words of Chanakya, just as fish moving under water cannot possibly be found out either as drinking or not drinking water, same way government servants employed in government work cannot be found out misusing money for themselves. With present times, with help of technology, public funds can be utilized effectively.


How technology can be used for efficient utilisation of public funds:

  • Direct Benefit Transfer:
  1. Subsidies.
  2. Salaries.
  3. Payments.
  • E-procurements.
  • Online auctions.
  • E-tendering.

How it will help in efficient utilization:

  • Checking leakages.
  • Transparency and accountability.
  • Weeding out Ghost Beneficiary.
  • Targeted transfers.
  • Reduced Manpower in handling public funds: Saving in salaries, Handling charges etc.
  • Faster and efficient processing.


  • Cyber Infrastructure.
  • Cyber Security: Hacking, Malware attacks etc.
  • Digital Literacy: Poor Digital literacy of citizens and also employees of government sector.
  • Lack of awareness.
  • Resistance to change.

Note: 1-2 lines explanation is needed for all points.


Usage of technology will drastically increase public funds usage and enhance public service delivery. But it has its own issues which needs to be addressed first without it the initiatives will become a failure. Addressing issues should be a priority along with encouragement of technology usage.

Best Answer: No Best Answer.

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