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Day 42 – Q 5.Enumerate the major achievements of India during Vajpayee era.

5. Enumerate the major achievements of India during Vajpayee era. 

वाजपेयी युग के दौरान भारत की सर्वश्रेष्ठ उपलब्धियों का आकलन करें।


Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the first Prime Minister in the non-Congress era to complete his full term, a visionary, one of India’s most celebrated statesman, an outstanding orator and a staunch Nationalist recently breathed his last. The tenure of this three-time Prime Minister of India took India towards the road for multi-dimensional development. From giving a major boost to the Infrastructure of India, to making India nuclear capable, improving India’s foreign relations, strengthening internal security of India to a serious attempt to solve the Kashmir problem- India remains indebted to the sincere efforts of this workaholic Indian Prime Minister. 


The major achievements during “Vajpayee era” can be categorized into the following categories – 

  • Political Reforms
    • His reign lead to advent of Multi-party rule in India.
    • A Coalition Government completing the complete tenure was new experiment in India’s democratic history.
    • Schedule 10 related to Anti Defection law was strengthened.
  • Economic Reforms
    • GDP growth remained high of about 6-7%.
    • The speed of FDIs took off to great extent.
    • The Fiscal Responsibility Act was introduced during his tenure, which aimed to reduce fiscal deficit.
    • The public sector savings were boosted to a great extent.
    • The involvement of Governments involvement in starting a private business was reduced in India.
    • Separate entities were established for disinvestment.
  • Infrastructural Development
    • He initiated Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana.
    • Laid the foundation of “The Golden Quadrilateral” project.
    • Sanction of “Delhi Metro Rail Corporation”.
    • Introduced the New Telecom Policy, which later lead to Telecom Revolution in India.
  • Defense
    • He effectively lead India through the Kargil War.
    • Carried out Nuclear Tests in Pokhran, which lead to India being a responsible Nuclear power.
    • India’s deterrence increased to a great extent.
  • Kashmir Issue
    • He looked positively at the Kashmir issue.
    • The Sensitivities with respect to Kashmir were increased.
    • He gave the slogan of “Insaniyat, Kashmiriyat and Jamuriyat”.
    • He was considered to be a Peace Maker, he even started Bus Service to Lahore.
  • Foreign Policy 
    • He was known for his Pragmatism.
    • He took India out from the Hesitations of History.
    • He shifted India’s focus from Russia to United States of America.
    • He strengthened India’s relations with Israel, by calling it India’s natural ally.
  • Cooperative Federalism
    • He strengthened good relations with all the states.
    • Being a Statesman, he had good relations with all the state governments.
    • He taught Indians the way of looking above politics of the day and have a common Nationalistic agenda.
    • He said, that government were just part of the process of evolution and development of India.


Thus, under Vajpayee era, India announced its arrival at the world stage with nuclear power, fast growing economy, having a very good relation with most nations throughout the world. Hence, it can be said that this Poet Prime Minister wrote the saga of New Rising India at the dawn of 21st Century.


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