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Day 58 – Q 4.What can be the implications of having an unstable regime in the neighbourhood for India’s security concerns? Explain.

4. What can be the implications of having an unstable regime in the neighbourhood for India’s security concerns? Explain.


Peace and stability in south Asian region is important to India from developmental and security perspectives. However, with occurrence of unstable regimes in Indian neighbours like Pakistan, Myanmar, Maldives, Nepal and Afghanistan, this ideal condition hardly exists.


Given geographical proximity, maritime linkages and land borders India shares with its neighbour, unstable regimes are likely to cause following security concerns:

  • Safe heaven for terrorists, insurgents and proliferation of terrorism which is also linked with drug trafficking. Ex: Pathankot attack, Uri attack from terrorists located in Pakistan, NE insurgents taking shelter in Myanmar.
  • Fundamentalists- radicalisation, as seen in Maldives with growing influence of ISIS.
  • Refugee influx which India has experienced over time from countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar also raise security concerns. Ex: Rohingyas are potential national security threat as said by Government of India.
  • Need for enhanced security leads to increasing defence expenditure thus diversion of funds to defence, which has potential to trigger arms race in the region.
  • With large coastline India has, there are risks of attacks from maritime front. Ex: Mumbai attack 2008.
  • Given the importance of Indian ocean region from economic point, instability in the region will bring threat to trade security. Ex: Maldives crisis.
  • Opportunities for other countries to intervene and further complicate regional stability.


Given such security threats, It is important for India to

  • Better engage with neighbours through multilateral forums like SAARC, BIMSTEC, Heart of Asia conference.
  • At the same time, enhancing security infrastructure along international border.
  • Showing sensitivity to concerns of neighbours and following ‘Gujral Doctrine’ in order to achieve better relations with neighbours and to secure peace in South Asia.
  • South Asian neighbours should remain as India’s highest priority in line with ‘neighbourhood first policy’ to achieve shared prosperity and security in the region.

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