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Day 59 – Q 5.Examine the increasing symbiotic relationship between organised crime cartels and terrorist groups.

5. Examine the increasing symbiotic relationship between organised crime cartels and terrorist groups. 

संगठित अपराध कार्टेल और आतंकवादी समूहों के बीच बढ़ते सिंबियोटिक संबंधों की जांच करें।


Crime and terrorism are critical issues for security officials and investigators all around the world. Earlier, the problems of organized crime and terrorism were considered as separate phenomena but after horrified incident of September 11th attacks, researchers have started linking these two as terrorized occurrences.

Activities of terrorists and organised criminals frequently reinforce each other, where

  • Terrorists engage either directly or indirectly in organised crime activities such as trafficking, smuggling, extortion, kidnapping for ransom and the illicit trade of natural resources, for financial and/or material benefits.
    Such benefits contribute to undermining state security, stability and social and economic development, which in turn create or maintain the conditions for organised criminal groups to flourish.
  • On the other side, organised crime groups may employ terrorist tactics, including the strategic use of violence, to enable their objectives.


  • In the Northeast, extortion is the fundamental basis for funding all forms of terrorism. In addition to this, kidnapping has been used extensively for spreading terror and raising funds. Human trafficking, drug trafficking and gun running are some of the other criminal activities that have been common in these areas.
  • In J&K, counterfeit currency has been a major source of funding terrorism.
  • In the Maoist terror movements, extortion is a common phenomenon.
  • The Indian Mujahideen has also resorted to crime to raise funds. This includes robberies, kidnappings, etc.
  • There are also a number of insurgent groups which over a period of time have morphed into crime syndicates. What began as an ideological movement is now merely a means of generating profit. This is especially the case with insurgent groups in Northeast India.

Going forward:

  • Awareness of the growing symbiotic relationship between organized criminal groups, terror and fraud.
  • A renewed emphasis on “following the money” trails in all of their varied forms.
  • Increased communication between government and industry.
  • Data and analytics as force multipliers. We must do a better job of using new analytical tools to proactively connect the dots and thwart fraudulent activity.


The evolving relationship between terrorism and crime poses significant challenges to the international community. The relationship is that of symbiosis and convergence, in which it has become increasingly difficult to draw a meaningful distinction. Solving the issue thus needs global collaboration.

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