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Day 60 – Case Study Q 2.

2. You are posted as the District Magistrate in a hill district of a North Indian state. The locals have an age old tradition of sacrificing animals during the month of harvest. They celebrate the sacrificial ceremony with great zeal and vigour. However, the Supreme Court has just banned the practice of animal sacrifice after a PIL was filed against the practice by an international NGO. Yet the locals are adamant at following their revered tradition and are even ready to get arrested and face legal consequences. In fact a group of young people from the locality has threatened to commit mass suicide if the administration attempts to interfere in their tradition. The situation appears to be out of control and journalists from all over the country have gathered in your district to witness the unfolding of events there.

What would be your response in this situation? Examine all the alternatives that you have     at your disposal. Also discuss their pros and cons. Which alternative will you choose finally? Why?

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