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Day 15 – Q 3. What is the right political attitude in a democracy? Discuss.

3. What is the right political attitude in a democracy? Discuss.

लोकतंत्र में सही राजनीतिक दृष्टिकोण क्या है? चर्चा करें।


Political attitude refers to the opinions and values individuals hold about political issues, events, and personalities.


The right Political attitude in democracy:

Content in the body can be split into various segments of societies like

  1. For voters: Include their duties like active participation in the election of right candidates, holding representatives accountable, obedience to institutions of democracy, following the laws etc.
  2. Political parties: Transparency and accountability, Ethical conduct, abiding by rule of law, upholding constitutional values and moral Principles, treating voters and supporters as stakeholders in democracy etc.
  3. Ruling parties: Keeping up the promises, upholding the dignity of office and chair, Code of conduct and Ethics, Non-partisanship, Honesty, Integrity etc.
  4. Oppositions: Holding executives accountable, help to Maintain transparency, expose unethical practices and corruptions etc.
  5. Civil societies: Deliberating, debating, opinions, channel/medium of communication between elector and elected etc.

Note: All points need 1-2 lines explanation. Since it is ethics paper with 150 as the word limit, try to be as precise as possible and 4-5 points are enough in your body.


Write a brief conclusion. For instance, end on a positive note by stating Switzerland as an example for the role of citizens in law-making, elections etc.

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