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Day 16 – Q 4. Bureaucrats entering politics isn’t a new phenomenon in India. Do you consider this practice healthy for a democracy? Substantiate.

4. Bureaucrats  entering politics isn’t a new phenomenon in India. Do you consider this practice healthy for a democracy? Substantiate.

नौकरशाहों का राजनीति में प्रवेश करना भारत में एक नई घटना नहीं है। क्या आप इस अभ्यास को लोकतंत्र के लिए स्वस्थ मानते हैं? पुष्टी करें।


Bureaucrats entering politics is not a new phenomenon but off late there has been increasing in this trend. Recent in this list of Raipur district collector, O.P Chaudhary. There are mixed views on bureaucrats entering the political arena and critics have pointed it out that it is not a healthy practice in the democracy.


It is a healthy practice due to following reasons:

  • Fundamental Rights: Every citizen in India is entitled to stand for any public office including the President of India office without any discrimination.
  • Educated people: Indian politics were never considered an option for the educated class. But with the entry of bureaucrats, this might gain attraction as a new career option.
  • Experience: They will have vast experience in the implementation of policies which will help them frame better policies.
  • Ground realities: They have a better experience with ground realities, bottlenecks during the implementation of policies, so this will come in handy when they occupy the chair of policy initiators/framers.
  • Connect with people: Since they are available in district 24/7, they have a direct connection with local people and know their problems better. This will help solve many problems and also make them approachable to people.
  • Track record: Majority of bureaucrats have good track records and expertise in administration and also bring with them many innovative ideas, which will help delivery of service easier.
  • Clean politics: Bureaucrats entering will create competition in politics and help weed out non-performing people. This will also put pressure on political parties to nominate people with clean image and profile.

It might not be a healthy practice due to following reasons:

  • Politicisation of bureaucracy: Permanent executives should be politically neutral, if this is allowed then it will lead to the politicisation of bureaucracy.
  • Partisanship: Bureaucrats might start favouring certain people/group over others with a long-term plan.
  • Politics: They might start favouring/help particular political party in exchange for the ticket in future.
  • Nexus: It might create an illegal and unethical nexus between elected and permanent executives and affect democratic principles in the longer run.

Note: More points can be added. Try to include examples in the answer. But do not include examples of only those persons belonging to one political party. Try to include diverse examples like Hardeep singh puri, Alphons Joseph, Meira Kumari, Mani Shankar Aiyer, Arvind Kejriwal etc. 


Write a brief conclusion.

Best Answer: Timber.

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