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Day 8 – Q 2.What potential do oceans hold as the next frontier of resources? Examine.

2. What potential do oceans hold as the next frontier of resources? Examine.

संसाधनों की अगली सीमा के रूप में महासागरों की क्या संभावना है? जांच करें।


Nations are moving towards Marine based resources to meet their needs. Oceans cover about three quarters of the earth’s surface and have huge potential to address the requirements like fisheries, maritime transport, renewable energy, waste management, tourism, climate change etc.


Potentials of ocean based resources:

  • Minerals: Various kinds of minerals like salt, potassium, magnesium, manganese nodules, placer deposits are extracted from continental shelves as well as deep sea floor. These minerals while essential for economic growth, also results in employment generation through their mining, extraction, enrichment, processing and other activities.
  • Energy: Oceans while providing for conventional sources of energy like oil, natural gas, methane hydrates, also help in generation of energy by non-conventional sources like tidal energy, ocean wave energy, ocean thermal energy, offshore windfarms etc. These sources while providing clean energy will also help in improving economy and generating employment.
  • Food: Fisheries and seaweed provide a major source of food for the coastal communities and a source of great revenue, while also providing livelihood to a large chunk of population.
  • Trade and Commerce: More than 60-70% trade of the world pass through Ocean route. Ex: China Maritime Silk route, Malacca strait etc.
  • Protection from disasters: Coral reefs, mangroves etc. acts as a first line defence in case of cyclones, tsunami, Strom surge etc.

Despite being able to generate employment and helping in economic growth, there are concerns regarding sustainability, which is a major component of Blue Economy.

  • Over extraction of resources like minerals and fisheries.
  • Depleting health of oceans as seen in Great Pacific Garbage Patch, dying corals and extinction of marine species.
  • Oil spills, tar balls, marine pollution, ocean bottom trawling are also impacting ocean ecology.
  • Other than these several geo-political factors like South China Sea dispute and other coastal boundary disputes, Japanese whaling issue and challenge of climate change and disasters are areas of concern.


Blue Economy is an area which has huge untapped potential. If utilized in proper way, it can provide a huge boost to our economic growth and development. As the saying goes, one who controls the ocean controls the world. But if not explored sustainably, then it might create huge trouble for future generation.

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