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Day 8 – Q 5.What is social forestry? Examine its potential as a measure of sustainable rural development.

5. What is social forestry? Examine its potential as a measure of sustainable rural development.

सामाजिक वानिकी क्या है? सतत ग्रामीण विकास के उपाय के रूप में इसकी क्षमता की जांच करें।

Approach –

Introduction – you can mention what is social forestry.

Body – write about different potential like ecological potential , environment potential , social potential etc.

Conclusion – write a suitable futuristic conclusion.

Introduction –  

Social forestry means the management and protection of forest and afforestation of barren and deforested lands with the purpose of helping environmental, social and rural development. The term, social forestry, was first used in 1976 by The National Commission on Agriculture, government of India.

Body –  

Social forestry is one of the effective techniques to achieve sustainable rural development in following ways –

  1. Environment development –
    • It uses waste land and degraded land thus helps in reducing the pressure on natural forests.
    • Increases recreational beauty of rural areas
    • Also make the agricultural land more resilient to climate change
    • This also act as carbon – sink.
  2. Economic development –
    • The local needs of timber, firewood and fodders are met.
    • These forests also provide employment opportunities and increased productivity of agriculture.
    • Practises like horticulture and organic farming can be also undertaken which are quite prevalent these days
  3. Social development – Since social forestry is done on rural lands, the whole village is involved. Women, children and villagers participate in planting trees and farmers provide with technical know–how. Thus participation of different rural communities provides social cohesion.
  4. Behavioural development – Through various programmes rural people are made aware about the importance of trees. The mindless use of forests will lead to change in quality of life. For eg: Van mahotsav.
  5. Energy security – Biofuel, biogas and other sources of renewable energy can be extracted out of social forestry

Conclusion –  

Thus social forestry not only helps rural people socially but also help in achieving the vision of PM to double the income of farmer by 2022. This not only makes village prosperous but also helps in achieving sustainable development for future generation.

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