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Day 24 – Q 5.Discuss the status, challenges and potential of regional cinema in India.

5. Discuss the status, challenges and potential of regional cinema in India.  

भारत में क्षेत्रीय सिनेमा की स्थिति, चुनौतियों और क्षमता पर चर्चा करें।


With recent box office successes like Sairat and Bahubali, and winning of national award by Village Rockstars, limelight has again come on regional cinema. Most of the major Indian languages have their own regional cinemas that strive on the local populace of the region like Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Punjabi, bhojpuri etc.



  • Market: Regional Cinema has its own niche market. Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam speakers are spread across continent which has helped regional cinema increase its foot print.
  • Foreign acceptance: Tamil and Telugu movies have huge acceptance in countries like Japan, China, UAE etc. Especially the recent Bahubali gained huge response from China. Rajinikanth movies have wide fan base in Korea and japan.
  • Talent: Regional Cinema have high talented actors and actress compared to international cinemas like Rajinikanth, Kamal Hassan, Prabhas, Chiranjeevi, Anushka, Tapsee etc.


  • Financial power of Hollywood and Bollywood movies: The Budget and Financial earnings of them are very huge and no way reachable to regional movies.
  • Story and Script of Hollywood: The stories are easily relatable towards modern day youths and current lifestyle. They are very realistic than idealistic themes of other regional movies.
  • Global coverage of Hollywood and Bollywood movies: Hollywood movies have global coverage due to its language. And Bollywood also has global coverage due to its artists coming from various parts of world, Hindi Native speakers and popularity even in far of places like Russia, Ukraine etc.
  • Technology and Effects: Usage of technology, Visual effects, location etc. of Hollywood are far more impressive than regional cinemas.
  • Promotion: The amount of Promotion undertaken by international cinema industries sometimes exceed the actual budget of regional movies.


  • Scripts and Story: Regional Cinema has specific themes or regional issues related scripts or based on Mythological stories which has high acceptance from old generation or above 40 years.
  • Digital Media: With boom of digital media like Netflix, Amazon prime, Youtube etc. regional cinema have huge chances of occupying these spaces before entry to big players.
  • Migration: Due to globalization, there is wide spread migration of people and inter-mixing of people in metro cities like Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai etc. This opportunity can be utilized by promoting regional movies to migrated population and slowly gain huge popularity over period of time.


Regional movies today are giving stiff competition to Bollywood, showing immense potential in its growth. Need is to tap this potential, through state support, alternate media, financial aspects and a good deal of promotion.

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