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Day 31 – Q 4. In what ways, World War II was different from World War I? Analyse.

4. In what ways, World War II was different from World War I? Analyse.

किस तरह से, प्रथम विश्व युद्ध से द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध अलग था? विश्लेषण करें।


World War 1(WWI) also known as The Great War was fought between the Allied Powers composed of France, Britain, Russia, Japan, Italy, and in the later years, the U.S.; and the Central Powers composed of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, and Turkey (1914-1918).

World War 2(WWII) was fought between the years 1939 and 1945. The two warring groups were: The Axis powers composed of Germany, Italy, and Japan; and The Allies composed of the U.S., Britain, France, the Soviet Union, and China.


WWII differed from WWI in the following way:

  • Causes: WW I to gain more territory and colonial might. WW II to assert the different ideologies.
  • Method: War was fought in the battle field and trenches during WW I, it was taken into the cities in WW II and many civilians died. Modern methods of warfare were used including weapons of mass destruction. And for the first time Nuclear weapon was used in war.
  • Area: WW I covered only Europe but WW II covered a much larger arena including Europe, Asia, North America and parts of Africa.
  • Outcome: Lead to the formation of League of Nations and sowed the seeds of WW II. WW II lead to the formation of UN and sowed the seed for the cold war.
  • After WW II, the world got divided between two power blocks headed by USA and other capitalist countries and USSR and other communist countries. Much more participation of women in WW II than in WW I. WW II indirectly lead to women empowerment.


Thus in a way WWII with much larger arena and modern warfare (use of nuclear bomb) was more devastating than WW1.

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