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Day 31 – Q 5. How responsible do you hold Germany for World War II? Substantiate.

5. How responsible do you hold Germany for World War II? Substantiate.  

द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध के लिए जर्मनी को आप कितना जिम्मेदार ठहराते हैं? पुष्टि करें।


World War II was a global war fought between two groups – the Axis Powers and the Central Powers. Germany along with Italy and Japan formed the Central Powers while Britain, France and later USA comprised of the Axis Powers.


Though putting fingers on Germany alone for initiating the world war 2 would be unfair, as the allied powers were equally to be blamed for opening the door for the infamous war to occur at the first place, which has its root on colonial and imperialistic interest, however for most part of it, Germany could be held more responsible due to the follow reasons:

  1. Annexation of Czech followed by Poland – Germany in the case of Czech was given Sudetenland under Munich Agreement which had a significant German Population. However, Germany later captured the whole of Czech which showed its aggressive intentions. Later it invaded Poland which started World War 2.
  2. Attack on Russia – Despite the peace pact signed with Russia , Hitler , Germany’s chancellor, attacked Russia as he wanted to destroy communism.
  3. Aspirations of Hitler – His ultimate goal was to exterminate Jews(Holocaust) and establish a Greater Germany with comfortable living space for all Germans. This could only be achieved by capturing territories which portrays the aggressive intent behind German’s foreign policy.
  4. German Preparations before War – Remilitarization, naval growth, conscription, etc. point to the intent towards a possible war in future
    However Germany was allowed to continue due to the ‘Appeasement’ policy followed by Britain and France which emboldened Hitler to commit such acts.
  5. Fascism or cult of personality, triumph over popularly represented government and Germany. This government preached hatred for against democracy and communism vehemently.
  6. German Youths and her populace were being indoctrinated with racial supremacy, which by all means advocated the assertion of their dominance against every other citizens and nations.
  7. The spread of Nazis ideology had severely infested the perspectives of majority of the population, that leads to segregation of the Jewish during 1939 in separate concentration camps, and the atrocious acts continues till 1945 which had led to t


Although failure of league of nations is a major reason for starting of world war two.
Despite this, Germany can be seen responsible for starting a war which led to death of five crore people and start of a nuclear era.

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