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Day 32 – Q 1. Many nations got decolonised post World War II. Why? Give reasons.

1. Many nations got decolonised post World War II. Why? Give reasons.  

द्वितीय विश्व युद्ध के बाद कई राष्ट्र आजाद हो गए? क्यूं? कारण बताएं।


Decolonization is the process by which colonies become independent of the colonizing country.


Reasons for   decolonisation:

1) Colonial Education: Western education in colonies was crucial factor in rise of nationalism and subsequent decolonisation. Education shaped thoughts and made the people familiar with rights. Educated and focussed people led the struggle and fought on behalf of masses

2) Atlantic Charter: The Charter of 1941 that entailed the goals of allied powers after the war asserted that all the people had the right to self-determination.

3) Economic losses: Post Second World War 2 the European powers were economically devastated and exhausted with men and material

4) Assurance of independence to colonies: Many of the colonies gave resources and man power to their respective colonial powers during World War 2 in the hope of achieving autonomy or independence.

5) Cold war period: The rise of two powers USA and USSR also put pressure on European allies to grant independence as both were against colonial rule.

6) Declaration by UN: UN sharply condemned colonial rule as a denial of fundamental human rights.

7) Support of newly decolonised: There was mutual support among nations Ex: India supported the cause of African decolonisation.

However, the struggle for colonies to gain independence was not smooth

  1. Some European powers tried to regain colonies after world war 2 and left only much later due to continued struggle of colonies Ex: Dutch tried to regain Indonesia back
  2. The decolonisation of Africa was not smooth and  has led to long standing issues
  3. India though gained independence from British had to suffer the pains of partition


Thus the end of world war also marked the end of the power of colonisers and brought a new dawn to the colonies in the form of self-rule .

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