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Day 46 – Q 5. What are the strategic implications of the increasing proximity of some of India’s neighbours with China? How can it be addressed?

5. What are the strategic implications of the increasing proximity of some of India’s neighbours with China? How can it be addressed?    

चीन के साथ भारत के कुछ पड़ोसियों की बढ़ती निकटता के रणनीतिक निहितार्थ क्या हैं? इससे कैसे निपटा जा सकता है?


Increasing presence of China in India’s neighbourhood and their proximity has created a tensions across the strategic circles about India’s sovereignty and India’s position in South Asia.


There have been instances where countries like Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Nepal have shown increase in proximity with China.

Strategic Implications of this proximity:

  • Increase in border conflicts- In long term, there can be border issues with neighbouring countries. For instance, India-Nepal, India-Myanmar has open border, it might get affected
  • Internal security- Already there are intelligence report of China providing funding and arms and ammunitions to the separatist groups like NSCN, in future it might affect India’s unity and integrity.
  • Anti-India stand- Maldives has asked India to take back the two Dhruv helicopters which were gifted by India. During the economic blockade, Nepal’s citizens, government and institutions took an anti-India stand.
  • Export earnings- There might be drop in demand for products from India due to increased Chinese products which are comparatively cheaper.
  • Investment in infrastructure- Projects in Maldives airport, Sri lanka’s Hambantotta port, were taken from Indian companies and given to Chinese firms.
  • Military presence- Increased strategic infrastructure by China in these countries can lead to increased Chinese presence in the region encircling India.


  • Increase the line of credit: Increase the facilities like Line of Credit, Zero-interest loans etc.
  • Currency swap facilities- Recently, Nepal has asked India (RBI) to make currency higher than 500 legal tender in their country.
  • Increased trade- Improving border infrastructure, better regional/bilateral trade agreements, easing border restrictions on trade etc. can ensure a healthy relation among countries.
  • Cultural ties- India has an ancient history of people-to-people ties in these region. Initiatives like Sagarmala can be extended to the immediate neighbours as well to improve such ties.
  • Nature of aid- Unlike debt-entrapment by China, India can help in capacity building in the small nations thus helping their economy which will strengthen relations in the long run.
  • Restructuring SAARC- Restructuring of SAARC on lines of Euro zone or ASEAN can address some issues and bring the neighbors closer to India.


Provide a Brief conclusion.

Best answer: Vamshi

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