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Day 51 – Q 5. What are the most pressing problems being faced by India’s diaspora across the world? Analyse.

5. What are the most pressing problems being faced by India’s diaspora across the world? Analyse.  

दुनिया भर में प्रवासी भारतीयों को सबसे अधिक किन समस्याओं का सामना करना पड़ रहा है। विश्लेषण करें?


Diasporas have emerged as powerful entities since they are recognized as ‘soft power’ in the realm of foreign policy strategy and also as an agent or catalyst of economic development of countries of origin beside their active role in the host countries. It is aptly said that “Sun never sets in Indian Diaspora as Indian Diaspora ranging around at least 25 million is spread across various geographic locations and the problem faced by Diaspora is diverse as well.


Problems faced by Indian Diaspora

1) Economic Issues:

Indian emigrants in ECR countries, from time to time face violation of contractual terms, adverse working conditions, wage related issues, employer related problems, medical & insurance related problems and compensation/death claims.

2) Political Issues:

The leaders of world are increasingly insisting  on providing jobs to local population and this is cause of great concern  for Diaspora who are denied opportunities Eg:H1B issue of USA .Saudi Arabia action of insisting on local  people for job as security guards

3) Societal issues:

Rise in xenophobia across world has led to attack on Indian immigrants especially in countries like USA E.g.: Murder of Software professional, Attack on turban wearing Sardar.

4) Caught in Conflict Zones:

Indians are caught in conflict affected zones like Yemen, Syria.

5) Loss of connect with Indian culture and values:  The Indian Diaspora feels alienated in foreign land and is unable to express themselves.

Steps taken by Indian government to handle the issues of Diaspora

  1. e-Migrate provides the Ministry a comprehensive and online database of emigrants, Missions, Recruiting Agents, Foreign Employers, Insurance Agencies to make the whole emigration process faster, transparent and allows online authentication/verification of credentials of all the stakeholders.
  2. Government of India has signed MoU with 6 Gulf countries, Jordan and Malaysia. The major intent is to enhance employment opportunities and for bilateral cooperation in protection and welfare of workers.
  3. Government of India has also started ‘Madad’ portal for online lodging of the grievances of the emigrants, which are attended to on priority basis. 
  4. Reforms to PIO Cards: The Centre recently amended the rules of the PIO Card Scheme so that new recipients of PIO cards will receive cards that will be valid for the duration of their life. This lifetime validity will be applicable retrospectively to holders of PIO cards too if they possess a valid passport.
  5. New Embassies in Latin America and African country: To help the Diaspora.
  6. Bilateral engagement with US, UK to address the concern of skilled labour.
  7. Programmes like “Bharat ko Janiye” to help the Indians living abroad learn about India  and also an opportunity to visit India

The diaspora of India is rich and diverse and can  help in developing India and hence a closer tie with them is needed .

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