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Day 52 – Q 4. Do a comparative analysis of the genesis and objectives of BRICS, RIC and IBSA.

4. Do a comparative analysis of the genesis and objectives of BRICS, RIC and IBSA.  

ब्रिक्स, आरआईसी और आईबीएसए की उत्पत्ति और उद्देश्यों का तुलनात्मक विश्लेषण करें।


BRICS, RIC and IBSA are three international grouping seeking cooperation among middle power and emerging economies. They are assuming greater importance in international field as non-western countries assert their power globally.


Member Brazil, Russia, India ,China ,South AfricaIndia , Brazil ,South AfricaRussia, India, China
Group formed 2009 in Russia2003 Brasilia declaration 2003 in Russia
Genesis First time Goldman Sachs chairman Jim O’Neil invented the term for emerging economies , later South Africa joined in 2010.South-south cooperation for multi ethnic and multi-cultural societiesGeo strategic association of 3 Asian countries tries against the western powers
Objectives 60% of population and 40 % of GDP with economic ties and trade and commerce among these countries.

It expands its vision to fight against terrorist activities

It also have alternate measures for financial institution like BRICS or National development Bank

Promote trade and commerce among three countries

Expand core democratic values to multi ethnic and multi-cultural countries

It also works to promote economic prosperity , poverty alleviation programs in non-western countries to strengthen them against western domination.

Working together to strengthen their capabilities against terrorism and provide safe maritime access to all in rule based manner.

It aim to improve diplomatic relations of three Asian giants and resolve their bilateral issues for eg meeting took place between India and china after Doklam issue


Write a suitable and brief conclusion

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