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Day 55 – Q 4.

4. As brand ambassadors of leading consumer products, it is the responsibility of celebrities to endorse the items manufactured by the big companies. In lieu of their endorsement, the celebrities are paid heavily by these companies. However it is no secret that the celebrities endorsing the products don’t necessarily use the product themselves.

Now, answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think such endorsements violate professional ethics? Substantiate your response.
  2. If something wrong happens with respect to these products e.g. complaints of adulteration, adverse health effects, poor or substandard quality etc, should in that case the celebrities be made accountable? Critically examine. (250 words) (20)


This case involves a conflict between private gain and large social interest and professional ethics.


  1. Celebrities
  2. Companies
  3. Government
  4. Society


Endorsements violate of professional ethics –  

Violation of professional standards some cases for e.g. Amitabh Bachchan advertising for Maggi noodle contains lead

Lack of curiosity about product and impact assessment about one’s decision on customers’ result in violation of professional ethics

It attracts public criticism when the issues like health, religious sentiments are hurt.

Endorsement not violate of professional ethics

  1. Many celebrities have involved in public interest campaigns too using consumer products for eg: Saina Nehwal promoting herbal products
  2. Conscious decision making and some awareness help achieve public good too.

Should celebrities be made accountable:

They cannot be hold accountable fully because the private companies because the private companies don’t disclose their chemical formula, environmental impact or health impact. But celebrities should be made answerable to a certain extent

  1. They forget their public influence when money involved.
  2. Lack of morality in public interest and utilitarian nature shows selfish nature
  3. People and youth are blind followers too.


write a suitable conclusion

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