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Day 56 – Q 5. What is land dereliction? What are its factors? How can it be addressed? Discuss.

5. What is land dereliction? What are its factors? How can it be addressed? Discuss.  

भूमि का विलोपन क्या है? इसके कारक क्या हैं? इसे कैसे संबोधित किया जा सकता है? चर्चा करें?


Derelict land is land which has been abandoned as useless or as too badly damaged to repay a private person to improve it. They are ugly, denuded of vegetation, laced with stagnant pools of water, or covered with mine tailings or slag.


Factors of land dereliction:-

1) It is mainly associated with industrial countries, and also with developing countries where after mining and working on the land, leaving piles of tailings, dangerous pools land is abandoned. No effort is put to restore the degrading quality of land and dump wastes.

2)It arises because mining operators are unwilling to spend money on rehabilitation which will give them no direct financial return.

3)The financial advantages of exports, employment opportunities and economic development make governments anxious to exploit mineral resources, but rehabilitation legislation is often not strict enough.

4)Excessive grazing by livestock

5) Lack of interest in sustainable practises of business.

Addressing the issue for combating the danger: –

  1. Existing mining companies should be forced to rehabilitate the land after it becomes uneconomic to extract the mineral. 
  2. Strict laws and restrictions should be imposed and enforced.
  3. Time-limits on mineral exploitation could overcome such evasion.
  4. Force the companies to tip their wastes only in large, supervised tips, rather than in a multiplicity of small tips. In the long term this reduces the area made derelict and also allows reclamation to be carried out more easily and economically because it is concentrated in a single area.
  5. If the land has been completely abandoned, for many years local or national government agencies should be encouraged to reclaim the land.
  6. Sustainable mining by Creating dedicated corridors for movement of men and machinery along with green corridor
  7. Madhav Gadgil committee in 2013 suggested to phase out illegal mining from western ghats to counter land degradation. This should apply in whole country.
  8. Soil protection technique like soil mulching, contour bunding and soil health card for nutrition check etc.


In spite of all the difficulties, reclamation of derelict land is both possible and desirable. It can provide additional land for agriculture, for industry, for building or for other commercial purposes, parks, sports fields and other facilities for outdoor recreation. eg. old mining pools are often used for fish-farming in Malaysia

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