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Day 58 – Q 5. How does terrorism affect the socio-economic ecosystem of a country? Discuss.

5. How does terrorism affect the socio-economic ecosystem of a country? Discuss.  

आतंकवाद किसी देश के सामाजिक-आर्थिक पारिस्थितिकी तंत्र को कैसे प्रभावित करता है? चर्चा करें।


Terrorism can be defined as the unlawful use of forces to people and damage of properties to coerce government and society as a whole for a vested social or political interest. Terrorism is a concern for the whole world including India. It affects every section of a Nation impacting it’s socio economic scenario.


Socio- Economic impact of terrorism:

> Terror led war cause huge loss of life and property ( e.g. in Syria civil war , Iraq war etc.)
> Huge funding to prevent terror act reduces fund at disposal of the Government impacting social welfare schemes

> Terror led unrest impacts basic services like health, education closure of shops etc.

> Huge burden on economic health of a Nation.

> Cross border terrorism impacts relation with other Nation impacting Trade, tourism, international prestige etc. (e.g. Pathankot attack, Uri attack in India increased tension between India and Pakistan)

> Radicalisation of youth and creation of unrest among people (North- East insurgency, Kashmir issues etc.)

  • Spread of communal disharmony for e.g. Muslims & Jews in Palestine
  • Paralyse democratic processes in elections e.g. Afghanistan, Pakistam
  • Increasing unemployment among youth due to lack of investment and industrial activity
  • Increased tension in bilateral relations for e.g India- Pakistan.

Security issue of women and children for e.g. sex slaves of ISIS yajidi and Kurd woman

Huge refugees putting pressure on a Nation’s resources ( e.g. Rohingyas in Bangladesh)
> Children’s, women’s and elderly people are worst effected leaving them with less opportunity  e.g. Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar etc.)


Terrorism is a common enemy to all and world leaders should come forward to some up with a concrete framework to deal with it. The CCIT(comprehensive convention on international terrorism) proposed by India in this regard  is a step in right direction.
Further India should use leverage various platform like SCO, UN, BIMSTEC etc. to spread awareness of the terror threat and strengths it’s preparedness to deal with domestic terror.

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