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Day 60 – Q 1.

Q1. In an unfortunate accident, one of your subordinates is hit by a car while riding his bike to office. He dies at the spot and his body is brought to the morgue of the city hospital. You and your colleagues visit the city hospital. The wife and kids of your subordinate are unconsolable. You are deeply disturbed to see all this. The kids are still in school and the wife is a homemaker. The savings aren’t much to sustain the family for long. The only way out of the suffering can be the compensation paid by the life insurance company. However, the insurance company would require a report from the police about the accident that took the life of your subordinate. Your talk to the police and get to know that the accident has taken place on the highway passing right across the city. Two wheelers aren’t allowed on the highway and if the police mentions the same in the report, the family would be denied any compensation from the insurance company. That would mean an effective end to the last hope for the family.

Your colleagues suggest that the only way out of this situation is to bribe the concerned police officer to fudge the report to show that the accident took place on the service road. The police officer has agreed to give a false report if paid Rupees Fifty Thousand in cash.      

Now answer the following questions:

  1. What kind of dilemma confronts you in this situation?
  2. How would you address this dilemma?


The case study is conflict between integrity, generosity vs.  empathy

Stakeholders   involved in this case study are

1) Family of subordinate: The one impacted by the tragedy

2) Insurance company: Those are entrusted with providing insurance

3) Other subordinate workers: Who will look up to the course of action followed by me?

4)  Me: As my empathy and sense of judgement will be tested

The available options are

  1. Bribe the police and get a favourable certificate to ensure amount is released by company

Merit: Will be able to solve the financial woes of family

Demerit: It is an illegitimate way to solve the problem, will  also be bad role model to my other subordinates

  1. Not  bribe the police  and let the family know  the truth and excuse myself

Merit: Would not have compromised on my values  

Demerit: Would make the family vulnerable as they have no other source of income

  1. Not bribe the policy, encourage the employees  from the company to contribute and speak to widow  of subordinate and try to offer her a job in company, if  found suitable , and if not suitable to help her upgrade  skills and then work in company

Merit:  Will be providing a short term and long term solution to problem and also sticking to moral values which is very important.

Demerit:  It will be time consuming process and some employees might not agree for voluntary contribution and to provide a job might also be herculean task

The best course of action is option 3 which will address both short term and long term requirement of family along with no compromise of principles .

Best Answer: Shalashu

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