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Day 60 – Q 2.

Q2. Your younger brother has got influenced by a radical religious outfit that promotes hatred for the minority and aspires to build a nation based not on territoriality but on religion. You have tried to make him understand the fallouts of such thinking and even reprimanded him for joining such groups. However, the conviction with which he debates and counters your arguments has forced you to rethink about your own notions. He presents gory details of the atrocities committed in the past by the minority community and also gives an account of the appeasement policy pursued by various governments since independence. He argues as to why can’t the majority assert its identity in its own country. He seems perturbed by the fiction that the minority community is trying to outnumber the majority in the near future by exploding a population bomb and also through forced conversions. You get to realise that even though his fears are real, their basis is rather absurd and illogical.  

In a situation like this, how would you convince your brother to abandon the path of radicalism?


Political intervention in social sphere and certain flawed policies have resulted in retaliation from the majority community, where some groups have chosen the path of radicalism.

The present situation is complex and involves the following stakeholders:

  • Me
  • My brother
  • Parents
  • Minority community
  • Majority community

The arguments put by my brother are valid to an extent, but the basis of these is flawed and being a radical is no way of addressing those concerns. I will present following arguments to convince my brother to abandon path of radicalism.

  • Political- Minority appeasement has been done by political parties in the past, but they were directed towards votes. And even after the appeasement social status of minorities is way below the majority and even politically, it is majority that holds influence.
  • Legal- In case of forced conversions, there are legal measures and those are being enforced in any case that comes to light. However, not all conversions are entirely forced, sometimes the other party does it on their own will, it could be due to ignorance but not forced. For this awareness can be created. Also, atrocities by minority were paid back, by similar atrocities by majority. Violence does not know any religion; it just caters to the will of a powerful few.
  • Social- Being a population bomb might increase number of minorities, but it does not provide them with an equal social standing in terms of social or economic or political influence which still majority holds. Also, show him the abject poverty, deteriorating health conditions which minority faces.
  • Historical- Make him understand the history of India, how various communities peacefully co-existed and the rift came only to gain some benefits. Earlier it was done by some rulers, then by Britishers and now by certain political parties. The people are however the same people of our land sharing a common ancestry.
  • National- Our constitution as well as the spirit of our nation lies in Unity in diversity, which can only be preserved if we all stay peacefully together despite our differences.
  • Religious- Show him how all religions have similar teachings and all show a common path for life.
  • International examples- In Sri Lanka and Pakistan majority tried to assert its identity, and see the domestic situation of both these countries.
  • Real life examples- Show how a person from minority community helped him, or how he uses services of a minority member without realizing any difference.

To reason my brother with the above arguments, I will take help of my family and his friends so that he can better understand the arguments.

Only knowledge and right kind of persuasion can help him abandon his radical outlook and understand that even minorities face problems living with majority, and it is better for both to accept each other with our differences.

Best answer: Krishnakant

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