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Day 69 – Q 4. Do you think it is a wise decision for India to be a part of Moscow Dialogue? What impact can it have on India?

4. Do you think it is a wise decision for India to be a part of Moscow Dialogue? What impact can it have on India?


Moscow Dialogue is a Russian sponsored peace conference with the Taliban to bring various parties to the conflict in Afghanistan around a table to kick-start a peace process. Representatives from 12 countries participated along with Afghanistan government through its High Peace Council. India participated in unofficial capacity.


India’s participation in the conference is a departure from it earlier stance where it held that any peace talks should be Afghan-led, Afghan-owned, and Afghan-controlled and with the participation of Afghanistan Government. However, it was a wise decision on the part of India to be part of the peace conference.

Reasons for India to be a part of Moscow Dialogue:

  • The current policy needs to be recalibrated in accordance with the changing regional and global power dynamics.
  • India has bowed to the inevitable since the US, Russia, China and even the Afghan government have all indicated that they are ready to talk with the Taliban.
  • It shows India’s commitment towards a peaceful and stable Afghanistan which has been an arena of turmoil since decades.
  • A stable Afghanistan is beneficial for India’s strategic and infrastructural stakes in Afghanistan.
  • Russia’s invitation to India to participate in Moscow talks is recognition of India’s stakes and its role in the region.
  • USA’s announcement to gradually withdraw its forces shows prompted India to engage with Taliban along with other stakeholders.
  • It is as per “Neighbourhood First” policy.

Impacts that it can have on India:

  • It testifies India’s role as a peacemaker which bolsters India image at regional and global level and makes it claim to join UNSC as a permanent member stronger.
  • It will maintain goodwill in the region especially among Afghani people.
  • It will have positive impact on Connect Central Asia policy.
  • Peace in Afghanistan will act as catalyst for pending projects such as TAPI pipeline which are stalled due to security concerns.
  • However, it can also have some negative implications such as rise of Taliban insurgency in India in collusion with Pakistan and problem of drug menace may rise as Afghanistan being a part of golden crescent.


There is no denying the fact that Taliban affects the polity of Afghanistan in big way. Therefore engaging with the Taliban for humanitarian causes and the initiating of a peace process is inevitable However, Russia’s peace-making efforts must meet Afghanistan’s needs, which include initiating negotiations, achieving a political solution, and ultimately peace, and then maintaining that peace.

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