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Day 79 – Q 1. “People always lose in war. There are no winners”. Comment.

1. “People always lose in war. There are no winners”. Comment.


Wars are often fought to resolve conflicts, to show power or even for a righteous cause. The end result may have one winner or both sides calling a truce or even some peace agreement. However, the actual result is not so rosy which is accompanied by severe losses.


People always lose in the war:

  • Loss of lives- War results in deaths of civilians and soldiers. This loss can never be repaid.
  • Loss of infrastructure- Huge infrastructure losses, especially near border regions.
  • Economic loss- Resources meant for welfare are diverted for war, which results into economic backwardness.
  • Cultural loss- Culture of both nations takes a setback.
  • Social loss- Social tensions, conflicts and wartime crimes impact the social fabric of the country.
  • Loss of liberties- There is a compromise of civil liberties and human rights during war time.


World war I and II have shown what a devastating impact wars can have on the people. Even the winning countries like those of Europe suffered on economic and social front. It is thus important to resolve the conflicts through negotiations to avoid mutual losses of both nations.

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