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Day 79 – Q 5. Do you think today’s capitalist idea of ‘Human Resource’ goes against this philosophy?

5. Do you think  today’s capitalist idea of ‘Human Resource’ goes against this philosophy?


Capitalism is a philosophy about free market, free flow of ideas and labour and the forces of demand and supply in the market.


Today’s human resource capitalism is different from traditional notion of capitalism:

  • Protectionism- Residence as a criteria for job, visa restrictions etc on movement of skilled labor.
  • Fixed remuneration- Remuneration are fixed based on living standards in the country and other emerging trends rather than on market capacity and skills of labor.
  • Subsidization- Subsidies are supplied to promote certain kind of labor, like for agriculture and manufacturing sector.
  • Gender inequality- Women’s share in labor is far less than men despite being qualified. There is difference in wages for the same skillset that defies core capitalism principle.
  • Skilling- Government’s efforts to skill labor force to provide them a competitive edge is against capitalism.
  • Innovation- Innovation is often suppressed for sake of profit making.


Although today’s notion of capitalist human resource is different but the ultimate aim is same that is profit. Capitalists want to increase productivity and suppress any dissents among laborers so give training or skills to them which aims at maintaining work culture in an organization.

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