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Day 1 – Q 1.Assess the potential of rural tourism in India. What measures and precautions should be taken to promote rural tourism? Discuss.

1. Assess the potential of rural tourism in India. What measures and precautions should be taken to promote rural tourism? Discuss.

भारत में ग्रामीण पर्यटन की सम्भावनाओं का आकलन करें। ग्रामीण पर्यटन को बढ़ावा देने के लिए क्या उपाय और सावधानियां बरतनी चाहिए? चर्चा करें।


Rural Tourism is any form of tourism that showcases the rural life, art, culture and heritage at rural locations, thereby benefiting the local community economically and socially as well as enabling interaction between the tourists and the locals for a more enriching tourism experience. 


The development of a strong platform around the concept of Rural Tourism is definitely useful for a country like India, where almost 74% of the population resides in its 7 million villages.

Potential in India:

  • Cultural wealth- Numerous local traditions like plays, art forms, dances etc. enhance the cultural wealth of rural areas, making these attractive for the tourists.
  • Natural wealth- Lush green forests in south Indian villages, sacred groves etc. make them an ideal site to promote tourism.
  • Peace and serenity in the countryside can offer a relaxing experience.
  • The stresses of Urban lifestyles have led to a “counter-urbanization” syndrome, which has led to growing interest in the rural areas.
  • Improved infrastructure and connectivity of rural India can improve tourist footfall.
  • Growing trend of short-break holidays, rural areas being near to cities can easily provide for great tourism destinations.

Measures to promote tourism:

  • Identification of strength’s of villages in different states and introduction of customised trips like Cultural and Heritage walk in Rajasthan, Tribal tours in North-East India.
  • Promoting Farm and home stays to provide local and humane touch to tourists.
  • Development of infrastructure and convergence among various government initiatives.
  • Train villagers to address foreign tourists.
  • Exposing tourists to basic works in village like milking cows, making pottery and handicrafts etc.
  • Adoption each potential site by a Member of Parliament.
  • Involvement of NGOs for promotion of culture.
  • Marketing of clusters of villages.
  • FDI or Private investment to introduces latest technology
  • Government initiatives to support the young entrepreneurs by providing loans. 


  • Safety of tourists, especially females should be ensured.
  • Adequate finances must be devolved to the gram sabha for maintenance of basic infrastructure.
  • Training of villagers to avoid any kind of hostility towards tourists.
  • Adequate healthcare facilities must be provided.
  • Environment impact of increased number of tourists must be assessed.


Rural Tourism models of States like Kerala (Back water Spots), Karnataka (Forest Tourism spots), Tamil Nadu (Temple Tourism of villages) etc. must be replicated in other areas. Government initiatives of Swadesh Darshan and PRASAD  will help develop tourist circuits on principles of high tourist value, competitiveness and sustainability in an integrated manner.

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