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Day 7 – Q 3.Should Delhi be granted full statehood? Share your views.

3. Should Delhi be granted full statehood? Share your views.  

क्या दिल्ली को पूर्ण राज्य का दर्जा दिया जाना चाहिए? अपने विचार साझा करे।


Article 239AA and article 239AB provided special status to the National Capital Territory(NCT) with a legislative assembly and its own democratically elected government via the 69th Amendment Act of the constitution. In the recent years there have been considerations raised politically over Delhi’s statehood. 

Current status of Delhi: According to the act, Delhi can make laws on all matters of state and concurrent subjects except public order, police and land. 


Benefits of according statehood: 

  • Smooth functioning: Better coordination and quicker decision making and interconnectedness on the political and bureaucratic fronts.
  • Better administration of increasing population of Delhi.
  • Accountability: Promote good governance and reduce shortcomings on delivery of services by government. 
  • Strengthens the democracy and prevents confusion and multiplicity of authorities on specific domains and prevents repetitive decision making.
  • Important domains like law and order, police, etc. are outside the purview of state government making it difficult to deal with matters like riots, etc.

 Arguments against statehood: 

  • Capital of a country: Renders it as a capital for everyone and not as a territory as a single state.
  • Genuineness of demand: Seems more like a political interest than an administrative concern.
  • Security Issues: As it’s an important centre hosting the Parliament, various central agencies, Supreme Court, Diplomatic enclave, etc. the risk of security breach is high when not under the responsibility of the Centre. 
  • Financial and administrative viability: Coordination between policies and implementation will be disrupted.


Partial Statehood by the 69th Amendment Act hasn’t totally failed in respect of governance and welfare of Delhi and its citizens. However, there can be well defined division of powers between Centre and the Delhi government and an effective participation of local government as well in the administration, keeping in mind the strategic and national importance of India.

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