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Day 17 – Q 3.Why is it important to have high ethical standards in the civil services. Examine in the light of the current bureaucratic discourse.

3. Why is it important to have high ethical standards in the civil services. Examine in the light of the current bureaucratic discourse. 

 सिविल सेवाओं में उच्च नैतिक मानकों का होना क्यों महत्वपूर्ण है। वर्तमान नौकरशाही प्रवचन के प्रकाश में जांच करें।


The ethics and values for the civil services have to be of higher standards, unique and properly structured from those for the citizens or other sectors of the society because civil servants have special obligations to the community. 


The values of – Selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty, leadership, compassion, etc., are expected of civil servants and, therefore, it is necessary that civil service values should reflect them.

Role of civil services:

  • Formulating laws and policies
  • Implementing them ‘on-ground’ level
  • Carrying out various administrative functions of government like Internal security, tax collection.
  • Dealing with Funds
  • Public service delivery 
  • Role model for youth etc.,

High ethical standards are necessary for civil services because,

  • The ethical standards of Impartiality and objectivity bring merit into organisation. thereby, increasing predictability, which improves economic efficiency
  • Corruption makes public service delivery inefficient, which leads to a vicious cycle of poverty and a near-zero improvement in citizen’s lives. For example, the integrity and honesty of Rajni sekri sibal, an IAS officer of Haryana cadre brought the JBT recruitment scam into the limelight.
  • Lower corruption levels also symbolises confidence in trading and operating environment which are Important for Developing countries. 
  • Adding the component of compassion to day to day works makes a lot of difference to the poor families lives.  Just as People’s collector S.Shankaran IAS brought to the families of Bonded labourers.
  • Outcomes for society are better when the decisions of public office holders are made fairly and on merit and not influenced by personal and private interests
  • High standards of civil servants percolate down benefitting the economy through their effect on international confidence.


civil servants are ultimately responsible and accountable for the varied and multitude of services they, To obtain assurance and in the best interests of society, they have to take care that high ethical standards are being met.

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