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Day 19 – Q 3.Are social norms and values changing in the age of social media? Does it have ethical repercussions for the society? Critically examine.

3. Are social norms and values changing in the age of social media? Does it have ethical repercussions for the society? Critically examine. 

क्या सोशल मीडिया के युग में सामाजिक मानदंड और मूल्य बदल रहे हैं? क्या यह सामाजिक नैतिकता को प्रभावित करता है? समालोचनात्मक जांच करें।


Social norms are the rules governing acceptable behaviour within a group. Society is governed by social norms, however, the law has yet to catch up to the speed at which the Internet—and particularly social media—has developed.


Changing social norms in the age of social media:

  • Parents generally spend some time on their children’s academics and growth. Now both of them are busy on social media, leading to neglect of child behaviour in crucial formative years.
  • The traditional social norm of Privacy is completely changed, people aren’t worrying to post confidential Information because of the LIKE-Hunger or Peer pressure or both.
  • There’s a new change in communication norms like Preference of texting over face to face communication among the youth. 
  • Recent Hook-up apps are changing the whole fabric of relationship norms like the way they meet, the course of relation, etc.,
  • Social media has altered the way people generally vote or buy. The recent Cambridge Analytica scandal of 2016 US elections is the best example.
  • The rise of Influencers such as Instagram, twitter etc., is changing the way, how marketing is done. 

Ethical repercussions of changing social norms because of social media on society:

Negative effects:

  • According to a survey an individual was willing to give a wrong answer just to conform to the majority view. This explains the impact of fake news online, which contributes to a polarised society. 
  • People are lacking Pure judgments, trying to imitate the group leading to a severe value crisis in the society.
  • The trolling of women has brought to the fore the disturbing reality of online violence and abuse women face in India.
  • Exposure of hatred to children at a young age because of cyberbullying.
  • New ethical issues are emerging because of privacy concerns, social injustice and ignorance, effects on family values etc.

Positive effects:

  • The successful #MeToo movement gave a ray of hope to many voiceless women. Their voice is being heard now and many guidelines are released for their safety at workplace.
  • The sense of questioning is developed in citizens in the social media handles of various ministries. This adds to the accountability of government.
  • Earlier on the death of a farmer. only the family mourned for the loss. Today if the same happens, the entire nation empathizes with the death of such farmers.
  • Awareness regarding rights of LGBTQ community, acid attack victims, etc., is increasing. This lets them to Live their Life with dignity.
  • Compassion towards an accident victim or a person in need is being shown by many fundraiser campaigns on social media.


Social media is an open road, with bumps and turns all in our way. Its use is inevitable in this digital world, so protecting oneself from its Negativity and focussing more on real-life than our social life is the best way ahead. 

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