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Day 48 – Q 1.What is CPEC? Does it a pose a threat to India’s interests? Examine.

1. What is CPEC? Does it a pose a threat to India’s interests? Examine. 

CPEC क्या है? क्या यह भारत के हितों के लिए खतरा है? जांच करें।


Launched in 2015, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a series of roads, railways, pipelines, hydropower plants and other development projects, being built from between China and Pakistan. The $46 billion CPEC will connect China’s largest province Xinjiang with Pakistan’s Gwadar port in Balochistan. The so-called economic corridor between China-Pakistan is a flagship program of One Belt One Road.


CPEC possess multiple Sovereignty threats and security concerns to India, such as:

  • China-Pakistan Economic Corridor violates the sovereignty and the territorial integrity of India. This corridor passes through Gilgit-Baltistan area of Kashmir which is an integral part of India but occupied by Pakistan. It has raised various security concerns for India. 
  • CPEC also somewhat legitimizes Pakistan’s ownership over disputed PoK and it may lead to the internationalization of Kashmir Issue which India doesn’t want.
    • The high economic stakes in the project will push China to ally with Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute and will make China an indirect stakeholder in Kashmir conflict between India and Pakistan.
    • China is State-of -Power country and they have the ability to influence Pakistan’s policy and it might unofficially become 24th province of China which again will be an issue for India’s security.
    • Ever since the construction of the corridor is started, the Chinese military presence in the area is also embarked. This military personnel would be deployed around the projects built by Chinese companies. China can permanently position troops on Pakistan soil not too far from the Indian.
    • Chinese naval ships would be deployed at Gwadar in cooperation with the navy of Pakistan for the safeguard of port and trade under this corridor. It would enable China to wield much more powerful influence in the Indian Ocean.
  • China has plans to build a naval base in Gwadar port. The presence of Chinese warship in the area implies a security threat to India’s western border of Gujarat and India’s investment in Chabahar port. 
  • China’s Maritime presence in Gwadar port which can be detrimental to India’s energy and economic security, as more than two-thirds of India’s petroleum imports pass through the area. 


Projects like CPEC must be based on the universally accepted and the other recognized international norms, transparency and equality, rule of law and must respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity. However, India needs to counter CPEC by various diplomatic, economic and strategic efforts. 

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