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Day 52- Q 1.What strategies do left wing extremists adopt to destabilise the democracy? What has been the government’s strategy to thwart such threats? Examine.

1. What strategies do left wing extremists adopt to destabilise the democracy? What has been the government’s strategy to thwart such threats? Examine. 

वामपंथी उग्रवादी लोकतंत्र को अस्थिर करने के लिए क्या रणनीति अपनाते हैं? इस तरह की धमकियों को विफल करने के लिए सरकार की क्या रणनीति रही है? जांच करें।


Left Wing Extremism or Naxal Movement has been the source of extreme violence in some parts of the country. These extremists are internally waging wars against the state. It is considered to be the most important security concern. These extremist movements have disconnected several tribal villages from the national main stream. They want abolition of state to establish the rule of people. These extremists attack the symbols of the country’s power such as the police, schools and other government institutions.


Strategies adopted by LWE 

  • They threaten the locals before the conduct of elections and prevent them from voting. Violating the principle of participative democracy.
  • They resort to violence through their guerrilla tactics and attempt to setup their own government in the local villages. 
  • They destroy the roads, transport system and government resources, thereby creating hindrance in governance and last mile connectivity. The poor are deprived further.
  • Urban Naxals, who sometimes operate under the cloak of NGOs or social-work units, raise questions about the use of force by government machinery. This helps them build a strong bastion of sympathisers and volunteers in towns and cities and across social media.
  • They resort to extortion, abduction of important personalities like Politicians, bureaucrats, police etc and put up their demand.
  • They hire vulnerable people who have low literacy levels, unemployed or low income, particularly the tribals, who aren’t aware of consequences of joining such forces, building up their cadre.
  • They also have nexus with politicians, they find this as a medium to put up their demands through voices of Politicians.
  • They attack the police, government and collect weapons, technological devices to fight against them on technological front.

Government Strategy 

  • Ministry of Home Affairs has created a Left Wing Extremism division to effectively address the Left Wing Extremist insurgency in a holistic manner. This division deals with security related aimed at capacity building in LWE affected states.
  • SAMADHAN strategy of government to frame short term and long term policies to tackle LWE. The acronym SAMADHAN stands for Smart leadership, Aggressive strategy, Motivation and training, Actionable intelligence, Dashboard Based KPIs (key performance indicators) and KRAs (key result areas), Harnessing technology, Action plan for each theatre, and No access to financing.
  • Government has formulated National Policy and Action Plan adopting multi-pronged strategy in the areas of security, development, ensuring rights & entitlement of local communities etc. This has several sub-schemes like Security related expenditure scheme(2017-20), Special Central Assistance scheme which involves modernisation of police force, Civic action program which aims at bridging the gap between Police and locals through personal interaction.
  • Institutional measures like Blank Panther Combat Force (inline with the Greyhounds of Andhra and Telangana region), Bastariya battalion (locals joining as police, who are well informed of the terrain), multidisciplinary groups under MHA to check funding to the naxalites.
  • On Infrastructure development front, government has been constructing roads, LWE mobile tower project to bring the locals into mainstream.
  • Government is aiming for capacity building and skill development of the locals, schemes like ROSHNI that aims at providing jobs to the locals, the Ekalavya model residency schools for better educational facility to tribal children.
  • Government is also working on Economic Inclusion, like providing support prices for Minor forest produce (MFP), establishing Van Dhan Kendras to aid tribal income.
  • The Surrender and Rehabilitation policy too, has seen success to some extent.


The action needs to be on both the fronts i.e. action through security forces and developmental action that should aim at integrating the locals with the outside world. The Greyhounds model of Andhra Pradesh that helped northern Telangana districts get rid of Naxalism, can help us find many solutions.

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