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Day 58 – Q 2.From the moral standpoint, comment upon the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

2. From the moral standpoint, comment upon the ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. 

नैतिक दृष्टिकोण से, हांगकांग में चल रहे लोकतंत्र समर्थक विरोध पर आपके क्या विचार हैं?


Hong Kong is situated on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong’s strategic location on the Pearl River Delta and the South China Sea has made it one of the world’s most thriving and cosmopolitan cities. Hong Kong became a Special Administrative Region (SAR) of the People’s Republic of China on 1 July 1997. The interference of the communist regime of China in the internal affairs of Hong Kong and its oppressive policies have led to various pro-democracy protests for autonomy in recent times. Massive protests in Hong Kong have erupted against a government plan to allow extradition to mainland China. Civil unrests and severe economic clampdowns are being witnessed in the region.


  • Right to protest and strike are basic human right. Most of the protests by the citizens of Hong Kong have been peaceful, fighting for their rights against the China’s growing influence.
  • Recently, there emerged a video of the Hong Kong protestors giving way for an ambulance, this shows high morality of the protestors.
  • The demand to withdraw the Extradition bill is due to fear of absence of fair trail, inhumane treatment, absence of rule of law in China. This demand is justified on the grounds of humanity. 
  • The absence of universal suffrage (though mentioned in Sino-Britain agreement), is against democratic principles. This has been the demand of the protestors.
  • The Causeway Bay books disappearance case, 2015 is an example of how China can misuse its powers under Extradition law.  
  • The violent treatment of protestors using police action, undermines the basic human rights. 
  • Many international human rights organisations, countries like USA, Canada have expressed their concerns over Chinese political coercion. The global community needs to lend its support to the peaceful Hong Kong protestors and ensure basic human rights.
  • If China happens to take the control of Hong Kong, it will turn a democratic nation into Authoritarian form of government, with people losing many civil liberties.
  • On moral grounds, UK needs to intervene and de-escalate the issue, being a part of Sino-Britain joint Britain agreement.
  • However, few sections of the mob should avoid violent tactics, avoid destruction of public property and avoid inconvenience to general public. Their violent steps may justify police action.


The G7 was right to reaffirm the importance of the Sino-British joint declaration – which guaranteed that Hong Kong’s way of life would be maintained until 2047 – in its joint statement from the Biarritz summit. Beijing reacted with predictable hostility, but other countries should not be deterred. The risks are real and the people of Hong Kong have very little on their side. They need the international community’s attention and support.

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