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Day 91 – Q 1.What do you understand by state sponsored terrorism? How is it a threat to India’s internal security? Examine.

1. What do you understand by state sponsored terrorism? How is it a threat to India’s internal security? Examine. 

राज्य प्रायोजित आतंकवाद से आप क्या समझते हैं? यह भारत की आंतरिक सुरक्षा के लिए खतरा कैसे है? जांच करें।


The term ‘State-sponsored terrorism’ implies a state’s use or support of terrorism against another state or against its own people. 

Any country that deliberately employs terrorism or aids and abets terrorist groups as an instrument of its foreign policy against another country is categorized as a state sponsor of terrorism or simply a terrorist state. 


The term is also used to describe a state’s support of international terrorism. 

Pakistan has been accused by neighbouring countries India, Afghanistan and Iran and other nations, such as the United States the United Kingdom, and France of involvement in terrorist activities in the region and beyond.

US claims that Iran provides Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorist groups with extensive funding, training, and weapons. Iranian control over Hezbollah is particularly direct and is exercised through various individuals and institutions.

State sponsoring terrorism provides support like money and logistics; safe haven for terrorists; aids in terrorist operations using state infrastructure; 

How is it a threat to India’s internal security:

  • Large scale violent act can be carried out in India like 2008 Mumbai terror attack. 
  • Sustained armed revolt against the state can be carried with the help of state. Eg – Insurgencies in N-E India and in ‘red corridor’ allegedly with the help of China.
  • Terrorists are given money and other assets, for weapons but also training, travel and accommodation to plan and execute their attacks and develop as an organisation.
  • Radicalization and long term erosion of spirit of nationalism are caused by state sponsored terrorism, as had been done by Pakistan. 
  • In case of state sponsored terrorism, taking action against terrorist and dismantling their modus operandi become difficult due protection enjoyed by terrorists.  


Disrupting and preventing these terrorism-related financial flows and transactions is one of the most effective ways to fight terrorism.

Not only can it prevent future attacks by disrupting their material support, the footprints of their purchases, withdrawals and other financial transactions can provide valuable information for ongoing investigations.

Countering terrorism financing is therefore an essential part of the global fight against terror threat.

As terrorists and terrorist groups continue to raise money with use of various means, countries must make it a priority to understand the risks they face from terrorist financing and develop policy responses to all aspects of it.

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