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Day 60

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Day 60 – Case Study Q 5.

5. Your younger brother has got influenced by a radical religious outfit that promotes hatred for the minority and aspires to build a nation based not on territoriality but on religion. You have tried to make him understand the fallouts of such thinking and even reprimanded him for joining such . . . Read more

Day 60 – Case Study Q 4.

4. One day your best friend calls you and asks for your advice in a personal family matter. Your friend’s brother has failed in 12th Board for the fourth time and his family thinks that he is failing intentionally. Your friend tells you that his father is a popular lawyer . . . Read more

Day 60 – Case Study Q 3.

3. You are posted as the SP of a minority dominated district in a northern state. The newly elected government has given clear instructions to your department that interfaith marriages should be monitored closely as instances of brutal violence on certain occasions have been reported by the media. The radical . . . Read more

Day 60 – Case Study Q 2.

2. You are posted as the District Magistrate in a hill district of a North Indian state. The locals have an age old tradition of sacrificing animals during the month of harvest. They celebrate the sacrificial ceremony with great zeal and vigour. However, the Supreme Court has just banned the . . . Read more

Day 60 – Case Study Q 1.

1. Your home state just witnessed a bitterly fought election. The main contending parties competed tooth and nail to come to power. The election campaign saw rival politicians make serious allegations against each other. Money and muscle power played prominent roles in the election. However, the results surprised the electorate . . . Read more