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Day 55

All the articles in Day 55

Day 55 – Q 5.

5. A poor widowed mother is pained at heart to see her small baby cry daily for a bottle of milk. She can’t afford the basic necessities of life and is frustrated to see her baby suffer from hunger. Even at the heights of personal pain and suffering, she doesn’t . . . Read more

Day 55 – Q 4.

4. As brand ambassadors of leading consumer products, it is the responsibility of celebrities to endorse the items manufactured by the big companies. In lieu of their endorsement, the celebrities are paid heavily by these companies. However it is no secret that the celebrities endorsing the products don’t necessarily use . . . Read more

Day 55 – Q 3.

3. The citizen welfare society of which you are the secretary, has organised a party. The chief guest of the party is the local leader who hails from a dominant community. You know that the leader has got extreme communal views on certain controversial issues and his presence in the . . . Read more

Day 55 – Q 2.

2. You have been posted as an election observer in a remote district of a naxal effected state in central India. The political atmosphere in the district is highly toxic as the naxalites have threatened to disrupt the elections and kill the voters if they come out to caste their . . . Read more

Day 55 – Q 1.

1. You are the head of the Ethics Committee on Genetic Engineering. Your job is to examine the ethical dimensions in the field of genetic engineering. One day you receive an application for ethical clearance from a big pharma company which is planning to launch the technology of embryonic gene . . . Read more