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Day 60

All the articles in Day 60

Day 60 – Q 5.

Q5. While processing an important file of your department, you realise that something is fishy about the proposals made by your subordinate. A decision based purely on merit would mean the rejection of proposal and hence saving crores of rupees to the exchequer. However, you realise that your seniors have . . . Read more

Day 60 – Q 4.

Q4. You belong to a traditional Indian middle class family. Your parents hold Indian values in high esteem and have taught you and your siblings the same. Their emphasis on good ‘sanskar’ means that they intend to marry you to a cultured, traditional and devoted girl. They have their expectations . . . Read more

Day 60 – Q 3.

Q3. While driving through the city traffic, you and your spouse have to stop at a red light signal. To your notice, you find a little girl begging on the footpath with her mother. Standing next to her, is an old couple probably in their 70s, selling the tricolour for . . . Read more

Day 60 – Q 2.

Q2. Your younger brother has got influenced by a radical religious outfit that promotes hatred for the minority and aspires to build a nation based not on territoriality but on religion. You have tried to make him understand the fallouts of such thinking and even reprimanded him for joining such . . . Read more

Day 60 – Q 1.

Q1. In an unfortunate accident, one of your subordinates is hit by a car while riding his bike to office. He dies at the spot and his body is brought to the morgue of the city hospital. You and your colleagues visit the city hospital. The wife and kids of . . . Read more