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IASBABA has been a very important part of my preparation. I had focused on many sections of IAS baba like Yojana compilations, various articles, discussions of AIR and RSTV apart from TLP. Today is the time when paper reading becomes very difficult because of the vast nature of the syllabus. So I focused much more on time management. In reality, I devoted very less time on newspaper reading. My mains focus was to collect as much information as possible and produce that information in the exam papers…. for this I had a great benefit from IASBABA

This website is an ocean of knowledge and information. Personally, it has benefited me immensely. As GS 2 and 3 are mostly current affairs, we need to have a good hold of the basics first.

Then IASbaba can be of greatest use for supporting the theoretical part with numbers, graphs, schemes, the most important thing in GS papers in the variety of angle and inter-linking that you make in your answers.

I strongly believe that this website can be very helpful to those who do not have the resources to join classes in Delhi. This can be a treat for rural aspirants.

AIR-187- CSE 2015

Had no idea on how to approach answer writing. IASBABA’s TLP plan really made the difference in my answers, be it structure, content or expression. I wrote regularly for many days till I got a hold of the technique (username: Sullivan). Had it not been for the feedback provided, I would not have known what was lacking. Right feedback remains the key to improvement in answer writing.

AIR 209 - CSE 2017

I want to pay my sincere obligation to IASBaba Team as a secret admirer. Their answer writing strategy in ESSAY and ETHICS is impeccable as it helped me a lot esp in case study understanding.? I want to thank for their selfless effort in TLP initiative. It took 7 days of continuous posting my answers on the website to get my first answer evaluated by Babaji, in which I was awarded 5/10, that worked as a self-reality check.

It is because of this platform that I gained momentum and learnt the concept of interlinking and answering through MINDMAPS which was very helpful in handling many questions in Mains. Writing TLP Not only helps in covering current affairs but also helps in gaining momentum of WRITING. My score of 2014 (575 Marks) to 2015 (759 Marks) is a live testimony to this.

AIR-304- CSE 2015

Each paper in the Mains examination is time-sensitive and pressure-intensive. So, besides having a good command over foundational knowledge (information), it is essential to be able to reproduce that information in a manner that is relevant to and contextualized to the question asked. The only solution to this is *answer writing.* Test series are useful, but it is also important to write answers independently – if not for testing oneself then for acclimatizing oneself to face the ‘unexpected’ that is thrown at you in the actual exam. In this, I found IASbaba’s TLP program pretty useful.

AIR 308 - CSE 2017

I followed TLP Platform for Answer Writing Practice (AWP) after Prelims. It helped me get into the Answer Writing Practice (AWP) groove. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND to those who want to get started with AWP. Quality of Questions is good. Preferred IASbaba more for their quality of questions.

AIR 1 - CSE 2018 (TLP Student)

Enrolling in ILP was the best decision for me. I give full credit to IASbaba for my success. Their effort matches with their vision of enabling aspirant sitting at remotest part of the country to secure single digit rank in UPSC and my result stands true to it. I cannot thank IASbaba enough.

ILP tests, Value Add Notes and especially the plan helped me a lot in quality preparation. While appearing for UPSC exam, I felt like repeating the Mock Tests of IASbaba and thought if UPSC has copied IASbaba

Since I was preparing from home, Mains Answer Writing was very crucial and TLP Answer Writing played a major role in my preparation.

Listening about IASbaba’s role in the success from Top 20 of this year Toppers was something very emotional. I am so blessed to have got IASbaba in my life!

AIR 4 - CSE 2016 (ILP Student)

One of the most important partners in my preparation was IASbaba’s TLP Answer Writing Initiative that helped me a lot. Apart from Integrated Learning Program, (ILP) I was a regular follower of our other initiatives like Yojana/Kurukshetra GistInterview Mentorship Programme (IMP) and my favourite being TLP Mains Answer Writing. 

AIR 19 - CSE 2017 (ILP Student)

Daily answer writing is one of the most important aspects of CSE preparation. It keeps a person focused, helping him improve his answer writing skills. Performance in GS papers in CSE Mains depends mainly on these skills. It’s not just content which matters, but also the presentation aspect which includes language competency, flow, ability to answer what is specifically asked in the question, deciphering the directives properly and answering all the parts.

TLP is the ONE STOP DESTINATION for anyone who wants to enrich his answer writing skills. It not only provides 5 questions daily but also expert reviews and synopsis free of cost. In addition to it, peer reviews help candidates to learn from each others’ reviews, identify their shortcomings and learn the good points of others. I will strongly recommend TLP program for every serious CSE candidate.

AIR 511 - CSE 2017 (ILP Student)

I was a student of IASbaba’s ILP 2017. ILP has some great components in the form of VAN, Babapedia and detailed plan. The best part of ILP is its design and quality support. The logical way and planned way it is designed is very helpful for preparation. ILP has been very helpful in my preparation and it is surely going to be a great support for people preparing from the comfort of their home.

I have been greatly benefited by all the initiatives of IASbaba. One of them is TLP Answer Writing because of quality questions, synopsis and foremost is feedback. 

AIR 23 - CSE 2017 (ILP Student)

I would like to give a major credit for my answer writing improvement to IASbaba’s TLP initiative. Their personal review and synopsis really helped me improve my skills in answer writing. Now they have made it bilingual, which will also be of great help to Hindi aspirants.

AIR 31 - CSE 2017

I am writing this letter to express my gratitude. Not being able to score well in General studies papers in past attempts, this year I religiously followed TLP after prelims. The questions, quality synopsis and feedback were an integral part of my daily routine. The daily answer writing and comparing answers with synopsis was really helpful.
A Thankful Heart!

AIR 11- CSE 2017

I used to write on TLP all the time. I remember feeling on top of the world when my answer got chosen the best answer for the first time. Now that I am on the list, it might not seem important, but trust me it was. Every positive comment from baba was a pat on the back, a motivation to keep going. Every correction a push to focus better and work harder. As a beginner with little guidance from elsewhere, baba’s word was all that mattered to me. Fortunately, Iasbaba was only more devoted to aspirants as was evident from the sincerity in their reviews and initiatives.

I learned a lot on TLP, not just from the reviews baba would provide, but also from the answers and reviews of other aspirants active on TLP. For the longest time, it was a routine to get here and write my daily quota of answers. IASbaba showed me the way when I was clueless about how to prepare. For that I will always remain grateful. I hope many others like me will find in  IASbaba their guiding light and confidence. Thank you, Babaji for everything 🙂

AIR 39 - CSE 2017

This was my last attempt and I qualified with a rank of 141. I would like to thank IASbaba Team for my selection.

For prelims, I religiously followed 60-day plan and daily quizzes given by IASbaba and this helped in systematically revising the syllabus. Here again, many questions asked in prelims were linked to IASbaba questions. I refer to Value Add Notes given in ILP and I must say the quality of the material was superb. Everything required in order to cover a topic was there in the notes and it was presented in very interactive factor making the material very interesting. The ILP would especially be helpful for aspirants who have just started preparing for the exam, as everything required for GS is provided in it and that too in a very easy, simple understandable manner. ILP saves time, energy and for those preparing from small towns, it provides quality material in a cost-effective manner which can be accessed from the comfort of one’s home.

I felt writing answers in TLP really helped me. The best part was the very good questions, peer review, feedback from IASbaba. This improved my answer writing skills. Many questions were directly asked from IASbaba questions. This has been a great help. A lot of thanks to IASbaba

Keep up the great work which you are doing!!

AIR-141- CSE 2016

As I now see my mark-sheet, I realized the important role of IASbaba in making me score high in GS in Mains. Following only IASbaba with full honesty and faith gave me this rank in my second attempt. Had I known IASbaba before, would have cracked it in the very first attempt. Thank you babaji

Apke bina yeh possible ho hi Nhi Sakta tha!

AIR-126- CSE 2016

After prelims, I came across IASbaba. And it was its TLP 100 days plan that satisfied me and I felt that there is no need of test series now.

I wrote many answers on it but the maximum I could get was 4.5 from Baba (I wrote under the name of Harry). There were many who got more than me. I never lost hope but one day sat down, thought for an hour and made my own strategy. I must say that the quality of questions which this website put were really amazing.

AIR-133 - CSE 2015


I never wrote any answer on any website before I found IASbaba. I wanted someone to review them and for the first time I wrote, Baba blessed me with 5.5/10. This appreciation of my effort pushed me to write more.

In the hindsight, writing more would have got me IAS as my GS marks are just average, but I don’t repent. What I worked for, I got and I am happy.  😛 

This website will definitely help many more aspirants achieve ‘nirvana’. IASbaba is changing the civil service preparation process by helping out students from far-flung villages, having very few economic means. And IASbaba’s presence in less than a year, not only online but in our lives is a testimony for it. Isn’t it? 

AIR-141- CSE 2015

It’s very important to know one’s inner self and then devise the strategy accordingly. Self-deception leads to failures. I realised this mistake of mine in this attempt and started writing  2-3 answers daily on IASBABA without fail. This made my answers better and better every day.

Feedback from IASBABA on TLP answers was also a force. When I got that prize of TLP winner, it motivated me to work more to continue this performance. If some 1100 people can do it, I CAN ALSO DO IT. Keep “I” at a very high place.

I thank IASbaba for playing a major role in my success. I am truly grateful to such an organised and focused initiative. May IASbaba keep on working like this and helping many young people to realise their dreams.

AIR-68 - CSE 2015

It is not about success alone, but the path you travel and the experiences. IASbaba and their online programmes – TLP Answer Writing, C2C mains test series, TLP test series, Babapedia, Prelims test series immeasurably contributed to my preparation. Specifically, IASbaba aided me in improving the quality of my mains answers. I worked upon the feedback and suggestions after every mains mock test, and in the process found my answers to become better.

AIR 36 - CSE2 019

I scored just 332 in G’s mains and in 2016 mains after following TLP schedule I scored 425 in 2016 mains and my score in gs has never fallen below 420 in the subsequent attempts. The entire team of IASbaba has made my success in this exam entirely possible. Thank you very much

AIR 192 - CSE 2019

Today I write with utmost gratitude to IASBABA for being a constant support in my UPSC journey.
Since I was an ILP student, I studied the mains general studies modules from ILP and wrote Mains mocks at regular intervals on the IASBABA ILP portal. Although the most important part of my own mains preparation was TLP initiative. I used to religiously and diligently practice every day writing 5 questions on the website. If there’s one initiative I truly followed despite even on days when I didn’t feel like studying, it was definitely TLP. The questions are thoughtful and completely in sync with the dynamic trends covering the syllabus in a timely manner.

AIR 14 - CSE 2017 (ILP Student)

A big thanks to Mohan Sir for guiding me during my preparation for the UPSC CSE 2019 and it played a great role in guiding me to get selected in my first attempt. The discussions with Mohan sir were really helpful. I would also like to say that the personal guidance which Mohan Sir gave me was a game-changer during my preparation. Also, the review of mains answer copies by Mohan Sir and Team IASbaba was great. For me, IASbaba is a symbol of trust and hard work, which provides continuous motivation and faith which ultimately helps in clearing the examination. I would once again like to Thanks Mohan Sir and Team IASbaba.

Rank 455