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Day 100 – Q 2.

2. You are posted as the DCP of an urban district. There is a huge protest going on against a legislation passed by the Government. It has been a month since the protesters have jammed an important road connecting the main city with a neighbouring satellite city. Commuters have been . . . Read more

Day 100 – Q 1.

1. Your best friend recommended your name to her company and you get selected for the position of Case Manager in the Legal Team. Your job is to ensure that the employees are adhering to the bond of employment that they agree to at the time of on-boarding that include . . . Read more

Day 99 – Q 2.

2. A global epidemic has broken out and the only solution in sight is a drug developed by a group of doctors and scientists. The problem, however, is that the drug is not yet tested. If the standard testing protocol is adhered to, it would take at least a month . . . Read more

Day 99 – Q 1.

1. Sunaina joined the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) and got awarded the prestigious Gold Medal for academic excellence during her training. Later she attended many training programmes related to taxation on Government budget. In her sixth year of service, she got admitted to a foreign university and also got departmental . . . Read more

Day 98 – Q 2.

2. You have joined as the Director of Operations in a government department. After joining the office, you start getting signals from your colleagues and subordinates that your’s is a plum posting. Your predecessors have made fortunes out of this post and you are lucky to have got this position . . . Read more

Day 98 – Q 1.

1. Deepak is posted as the Deputy Commissioner of Police in a busy urban district of a Metropolitan city. The students of a reputed university are planning a massive protest rally against a bill passed by the Central Government. Although, the permission has been granted by the administration for peaceful . . . Read more

Day 97 – Q 2

2. Kanishk, an IAS officer, is posted as the SDM in a remote district of West Bengal. The district has a substantial minority population and has had a sensitive past marked with instances of communal discord and tensions. This year, there is another challenge that needs to be tackled by . . . Read more

Day 97 – Q 1

1. You are heading a committee of experts from the fields of law and technology to come out with a detailed proposal to initiate a state level e-governance project. The committee has met multiple times to discuss and deliberate upon the issues in hand and finalise the proposal before the . . . Read more

Day 96 – Q 2

2. Abhishek, an IAS officer, is heading the IT Committee constituted for improving the services being provided by the State Transportation Department by leveraging information technology solutions. In the deliberations of the committee, it was concluded that a special purpose vehicle headed by an independent CEO, preferably from the private . . . Read more

Day 96 – Q 1

1. You are posted as the secretary of the education department in a state. The state government has just launched a scheme for awarding scholarships to meritorious students to pursue higher education abroad. The undergraduate students having exceptional academic record would be awarded hundred percent tuition fees and living expenses . . . Read more