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Day 1 – Q 2. The Constitution of India was made in the past but articulated in the Constituent assembly. Elucidate.

2. The Constitution of India was made in the past but articulated in the Constituent Assembly. Elucidate.

2. भारत का संविधान अतीत में किया गया था लेकिन संविधान सभा में व्यक्त किया गया था। स्पष्ट करें।


  1. Give a brief introduction about the Constitution in 2 to 3 sentences.
  2. Mention and elaborate on the factors shaping the ideals of the Constitution.
  3. Conclude appropriately.


The Constitution is the supreme law of India. It has evolved gradually during the pre- independence era, beginning majorly from colonial rule and has inspired and shaped the vision of the Constitution.

Some of the shaping factors are:

  • British colonial rule and the Freedom struggle:

The oppression leading to the enhanced importance of the rights of citizens like civil liberties (freedom of speech), etc., and through the freedom struggle has shaped the vision of the constitution.

INC session of Karachi’s resolution on Fundamental rights and National economic programme and other similar events.

  • British governance Acts for India:

Starting from the Regulating Act of 1773 till the Indian Independence Act of 1947, especially Government of India Act of 1935

  • International events:

French revolution (Republic, ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity), Russian revolution (ideals of justice), etc., has led to the increased importance and expansion of rights.

  • Indian philosophy and thinkers:

Like Gandhi’s philosophy leading to the self-government institutions i.e, PRI (article 40 under DPSP), etc.

  • Nehru report of 1928, the first attempt in drafting the Constitutional scheme indigenously had most of the present document’s ideals like fundamental rights, responsible government at the centre and in states, etc.

Thus, the Constitution is a gradually evolved document over a period of time and was carefully articulated by the constituent assembly.

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