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Day 23 – Q 3.Valour and courage is a recurring theme in medieval Indian paintings. Illustrate.

3. Valour and courage is a recurring theme in medieval Indian paintings. Illustrate.

वीरता और साहस मध्ययुगीन भारतीय चित्रों में एक आवर्ती विषय है। उदाहरण देकर स्पष्ट करें।


  • Introduction
  • How valor and courage was a recurring theme
  • Conclusion


Indian paintings in medieval age evolved mainly during the age of the Mughals and consisted of several kinds of paintings like Rajput paintings, Mughal paintings, miniature paintings, Tanjore paintings and numerous others. Medieval Indian paintings utilized a unique blend of Indian and Persian painting styles which involved bright colours, abstract motifs and worldly subject matters. Scenes inside courts or palaces, religious deities, etc. were common in these paintings.

Valor and courage as recurring theme in medieval Indian paintings:

Paintings are mirror to socio-cultural prevalence in an era. Given the medieval times was an era of frequent contests, wars and battles and reflects the courage and valor of Mughal and Rajput kingdoms, the same get reflected in the paintings as well.

  • Mughal paintings depicted victory scenes, grand durbar, court room etc.
  • Rajputana paintings had hunting scenes, wars, regional tradition of coronation, jouhar etc as basic theme.
  • Painting in the late medieval era belongs to feudal kingdoms of the state. These depicts Islamic conquests, accession to throne etc.
  • Larger than life size portrait of rulers especially that of Rajput rulers shows valor.

However, medeival paintings were not just about wartime scenes, conquests etc but also involved paintings of natural scenes, common man like depicting bazaar scenes and religious scenes. The subjects of such paintings were influenced by mythological tales, figures and religious stories. Jaina and Bhuddhists paintings depicts gods (Bodhisattavas, Krishna, Shiva etc.) in heroic forms.


Multiple themes in medieval paintings along with its depiction on walls, miniatures etc shows the richness of the art form in the era. These paintings despite multiple themes were largely secular.

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