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Day 24 – Q 2.Festivals in India are a living embodiment of reverence towards environment. Illustrate.

2. Festivals in India are a living embodiment of reverence towards environment. Illustrate. 

भारत में त्यौहार पर्यावरण की ओर सम्मान के जीवित अवतार हैं। उदाहरण देकर स्पष्ट करें।


Indians always believed in the concept of ‘Nature as a nurturer’ and have acknowledged the sacredness of Earth and other life forms around them.


Nature was seen as gift from benevolent Almighty god and it needed to be preserved. Hence, religious practices incorporated worshiping of sun, wind, land, trees, plants and water all of which are very base of human survival. They were are all considered sacred and worshipped through number of festivals. Following are few festivals which are living embodiment of reverence towards environment.

  • Rivers are considered sacred since vedic period as it is around them civilizations grew.  Ex:Pushkaram festival dedicated to worshiping of rivers. Dip in rivers is believed to erase all sins.
  • Harvest festivals are celebrated as thanksgiving to nature for the blessing of food grains to survive. Ex: Lohri festival in Punjab, Makar Sankramana in Karnataka, Bihu in Assam.
  • Chhat puja is celebrated in Bihar worshipping sun.
  • Celebration of Naga Panchami, Hornbill festival, cows as kamadhenu have element of protecting wildlife.
  • Practices like Vat vriksha puja around Banyan tree, Tulsi puja have become very part of everyday life.


Thus, Living in harmony with Nature has been an integral part of Indian culture. The present day global concerns for sustainable development and conservation of natural resources spanning the two decades between the Stockholm Conference of Environment in 1992 and the United Nations Conference on Human Environment and Development (Earth Summit) at Rio de Janeiro in 1992 are of recent origin in comparison to the long tradition and cultural ethos of nature conservation in India.

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