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Day 8 – Q 4.Explain the process of extraction of shale gas. Outline the positive and negative impacts of fracking.

4. Explain the process of extraction of shale gas. Outline the positive and negative impacts of fracking. 

शेल गैस के निष्कर्षण की प्रक्रिया की व्याख्या करें। फ्रेकिंग के सकारात्मक और नकारात्मक प्रभावों की रूपरेखा दें।


  • Give a small intro about shale gas.
  • In body three parts are required. One is about extraction of Shale gas, second about positives of fracking and last part negatives about fracking.
  • 2-3 conclusion is must.


With scarcity of energy resources and ever increasing demand, shale gas is seen as a potential option, which can secure the energy needs of future. Shale gas is trapped in the shale formations of crust and extracted through fracking process.


Process of extracting of shale gas:

Positive impacts of Fracking:

  • Emission: Reduced Nitrogen oxide and sulfur dioxide emission into atmosphere.
  • Leakages: Reduces risks of leakages and impacts of climate change.
  • Contamination: Reduced risk of contamination of underground water.
  • Water usage: Water usage intensity in fracking is comparatively lower than other fossil fuels extraction.
  • Productivity: The productivity is higher and finite unlike other fossil fuels.

Negative impacts:

  • Air quality: methane is used in process which leads to smog and long term air quality issues.
  • Water usage: Gallons of water is used for the process. Already cities are drying out and their usage here has brought criticism from various quarters.
  • Seismic activity: Minor earth quakes and tremors are caused due to drilling process.
  • Oil spills: Might lead to oil leakages and contaminate underground water and soil resources.
  • Disposal: Waste water disposal is also another serious issue which will have long term effects.

Note: For process part, diagram is used for graphical understanding but you need to draw a small layout and also explain in points to make it a complete answer.


Non-renewable resources are itself harmful to environment in that finding positivity is just for satisfying human needs and greed’s. The world has to move towards exploitation of renewable resources at shortest time frame in order to achieve sustainable development.

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