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Day 9 – Q 5.The recent developments in Korean peninsula is a welcome change. Discuss.

5. The recent developments in Korean peninsula is a welcome change. Discuss.

कोरियाई प्रायद्वीप में हालिया विकास एक स्वागत योग्य परिवर्तन है। चर्चा करें।


  • Introduction- Conflict in Korean peninsula.
  • Recent developments
  • How it is a welcome change?
  • Way ahead
  • Conclusion


Korean peninsula has been a geopolitical hotspot zone since the cold war era. The relationship between North and South Korea has been troublesome since decades. Growing to the heights of rapid nuclearisation of N Korea, deployment of THAAD by USA, covert support to N Korea by China etc.

Recent developments:

  • Participation of N Korea in winter Olympics.
  • Singapore summit- Conference between USA and North Korea in Singapore led to Inter-Korea declaration. Though the declaration was not VCID (Verifiable, Comprehensive, Irreversible and Denuclearization).
  • Panmunjom summit- Between N and S Korea. The Panmunjom declaration seeks to remove both social and economic sanctions on N Korea upon its complete de-nuclearisation.
  • Agreement toward de-nuclearisation- Kim Jong has for the first time agreed on de-nuclearisation and has started destroying the nuclear armaments.

A welcome change:

  • De-nuclearisation of S Korea will help global community to fight the issue of nuclearisation in more robust way. Thereby making the world more peaceful.
  • N Korea can now emulate the success story of S Korea.
  • Development of N Korea will help it to tackle China upfront and not seek covert support from it. This in turn will help India to play a better role in the region.

Way ahead:

  • Total dependence on China to negotiate with N.Korea should be minimized.
    All stakeholders’ involvement should be sought for.
  • The country should be integrated not only strategically but also economically. Easing of sanctions can help in this direction.
  • Track-II diplomacy involving intellectuals can be initiated.
  • Confidence building measures between the two Korean nations like recent de-militarization of borders should be implemented.
  • It needs to be ensured that turn of events does not lead to back out of N Korea from the de-nuclearisation agreement as it happened in the case of Iran.


Recent turn of events are indeed a welcome change, however, it must be ensured that the momentum is maintained and the terms of agreements/declarations are followed in true spirit.

Best answer: Parul Jain

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