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Day 53 – Q 1.Examine the changing characteristics and pattern of left wing extremism in India.

1. Examine the changing characteristics and pattern of left wing extremism in India.

भारत में वामचरमपंथी की बदलती विशेषताओं और पैटर्न की जांच करें।


Left wing extremism also known as Naxalism can be traced backed to its origin in Naxalbari village of West Bengal state. It started as a movement to voice its concerns by landless labourers and tribals and gradually has become an internal security threat to the country.  


Reason for expansion and spread of Left wing extremism in India:

  • Imbalanced growth, socioeconomic disparities, exploitation by pvt companies, state and security agencies etc.
  • Nexus with political parties and corporates.
  • International players showing interests.

Changing characteristics and pattern:

  • Organised crime syndicate: Ties with terrorists, separatists, mafia, human/animal traffickers, etc. so as to mobilise money and modern weapons.
  • International links: They take Funds from China and Pakistan in form of cash, fake currencies, cheap arms/ammunition so as to destabilise India.
  • Improvised weapons and devices: Planting improvised explosive devices into the bodies of soldiers or others who defy them.
  • Technique: It has become an industry in itself through high level extortion, kidnappings, violence against villagers and common citizens etc.
  • Money power: Extortion of money from rich people like contractors is common.
  • Weapons: Stealing weapons from police and para military forces.
  • Recruitment: By brainwashing villagers, students, Urban poor and Elites.
  • Support: Recent arrest show it is no more a poor landless issue but has gained support from various quarters especially urban intelligentsia.

Government Initiatives:

  • Operation Green Hunt.
  • Grey hound force.
  • Prevention of Money laundering Act.
  • Better equipment of CRPF.
  • Infrastructure in Naxal affected areas.
  • Better education facility to tribals: Ekalavya Model Residential school.

Note: All points above need 1-2 lines explanation.


Left wing extremism is one of the biggest internal security threat. It has killed more security personnel and civilians than by any terrorists. Government needs to move away from carrot and stick policy to a coherent approach of development and counter insurgency.

Best Answer: No best answer.

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