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Day 58 – Q 2.How serious is the issue of Kashmiri Militancy? How does it undermines India’s integrity? Discuss

2. How serious is the issue of Kashmiri Militancy? How does it undermines India’s integrity? Discuss


In recent times, there has been a dangerous trend seen in militants of Kashmir. Highest number of youths have joined the militant ranks since 2010 and there has been a new trend setting by abduction of kith and kin of police personals which is causing serious concerns in establishments.


How serious is issue of Militancy in Kashmir:

  • Radicalisation: High number of youths are getting radicalised and joining militant groups.
  • Shut down: Increased number of protests and bandhs leading to shut down of valley called by separatist’s groups who are supporting militant outfits.
  • Education: Due to shut down, the education of youths and children are getting spoiled.
  • Killings: There has huge number of casualties in militant ranks and Armed personals of state in recent times.
  • Infrastructure: Vital installations and infrastructure of state is being destroyed either due to blowing up by militants or during raids and fire exchanges.
  • Economy: Due to shut down and disturbance, the tourist fall has reduced there by reducing the revenue to state and business to locals.

How does it undermine India’s integrity:

  • Increase in Separatist tendency.
  • Support for independence by people from outside the region.
  • Increased demand for secession from other regions.  
  • Activism in name of Human rights, Identity crisis etc.
  • Lack of development resulting in Backwardness of state in social infrastructure.
  • Internal security issues: Organised crime, Drug Mafia, Inflow of fake currencies etc.
  • Increase in Radicalisation of youths especially.
  • Interference by International institutions resulting in sovereignty issues.

Way forward:

  • Infrastructure.
  • Education.
  • Kashmiriyat, Insaniyat, Jamhuriyat.
  • Stringent laws to deal with Militancy.
  • Carrot and stick policy.

Note: 1-2 lines explanation is needed for all points.

Best Answer: Gargantum

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